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Alldredge Wilderness Journey

Wilderness Program

Alldredge Wilderness Journey Program Information

Gender: Coeducational
Ages: 13-18
Grades: 7 - 12
Estimated Enrollment: 60
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 1999
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Alldredge Wilderness Journey Contact Information

P.O. Box 310
1055 William Avenue
Davis, WV 26260
Phone: (888) 468-1828
Fax: (877) 632-8703
School Contact: John Grago
Alternative Contact: D. Hunter Powell, Ph.D.
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Alldredge Wilderness Journey is a state licensed and nationally accredited therapeutic wilderness and boarding school program consisting of three phases – the Wilderness Search and Rescue, the Cultural Village, and the Academic Transition Bridge. It is the mission of Alldredge Academy to empower youth and their families to rediscover their life missions while increasing their desire and capacity for virtue. During this 3-month intervention, students and their families also engage in two 3-day intensive workshops facilitated by Alldredge Academy’s clinical director, who has over 25 years experience working in the fields of addiction and family therapy.

During the first phase, students receive Search and Rescue Training, including First Aid and CPR. In addition students also learn to become self-sufficient by engaging in Wilderness Survival Training in a safe but challenging environment. Throughout the first phase, students begin to identify emotional obstacles that have enabled them to become self-absorbed, triggering an avalanche of ill-formed beliefs and behaviors through individual and group processes. These beliefs and behaviors are identified, interrupted, and resourced throughout the entire wilderness phase.

In the second phase of the program, the Cultural Village, students learn how to virtuously integrate into a community embracing unity and meaningful relationships. Once integrated, students participate in daily therapeutic journeys targeting specific areas of need including addictions, maladaptive beliefs, identity dilemmas, and a connection to something larger than self. Our relational based framework allows our counselors to engage students in deep level work illuminating the possibilities that will support their life long goals or missions.

The final phase of the Alldredge Wilderness Journey is characterized as a Transition Bridge. During this 30-day academic residential experience, students continue to live as a community as they participate in group and individual counseling combined with outdoor recreational activities. Students are empowered to move ahead in their academic standing and are prepared to incorporate their new values, identity, and virtues into post-Alldredge contexts. With planning and preparation for the specific challenges which will surely await them, we provide opportunities to refine beliefs and identities they have developed throughout the program, giving them a strong foundation for success in the months and years to come.

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