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Another Way, Inc.


Another Way, Inc. Program Information

Gender: Male and Female
Ages: Any
Estimated Enrollment:
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 1999
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Another Way, Inc. Contact Information

PO Box 511
Morganfield, KY 42437
Phone: 270-389-0053
Fax: 270-389-0053
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Program Description:

Welcome to Another Way, Inc. we are a newly formed non-profit agency specializing in the treatment of substance abuse issues.

Clinical staff have combined backgrounds in addictions, adolescent and adult treatment, parenting skills, crisis intervention, grief work, criminal justice issues, family counseling, as well as other areas. We offer a comprehensive assessment and utilize a variety of science based methods of intervention.

A strong base of referral sources and case management allows the staff at Another Way, Inc. to serve our clients in an efficient and productive manner.

"Someone should do something about the drug problem in our county!!" Now there is a way for you to be the "someone".

Since Another Way, Inc. began its behavioral retraining programs in Morganfield in October, 2003, we have seen many lives in our region changed for the better. These licensed counselors have already helped more than 750 individual in our area with mental health, relationship and substance related problems.

At the present time, Another Way, Inc. is currently equipping its non-profit, licensed counseling services in Morganfield with two part-time counselors. However, they desperately need a third counselor in order to help the hundreds of individuals in this area who are affected by substance abuse and behavioral disorders. Because many clients lack the ability to pay, they are treated at deeply discounted rates; but at present many applicants must be turned away due to funding shortages. It is greatly disturbing to know that people want to stop their dangerous behaviors, but we lack the resources to provide them this opportunity.

Today, you can make an immediate difference in the life of a fellow community member. Your gift will assist us in helping more people regain stability in their lives and will help those individuals live richer, fuller lives each day.

Our general service areas are primarily rural, consisting of sparsely populated counties that are dotted with small towns and communities. The poverty and unemployment rates among these counties are higher than the national average. Such socioeconomic conditions can breed higher levels of substance abuse issues among individuals and their families. Another Way, Inc. believes that with additional funding, we will strongly and positively have an impact on those who are afflicted with drug and alcohol problems within our service communities.

Another Way, Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is an active member of the local Chamber of Commerce. We also network with hospitals, doctors' offices, churches, clinics, and community centers in order to better reach those in need. Some of our services offered are as follows:

Adolescent Anger Management
Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Treatment
Adolescent Prevention Intervention
Adult Anger Assessment/Management
Adult DUI
Adult Intensive Outpatient Treatment
Adult Outpatient Treatment
Aftercare Programs
Anger Control Training
Day/Evening Sessions
Drug Screen Confirmations
DUI Classes and Group Sessions
DUI Individual Sessions
Family Counseling Sessions
Family Programs and Sessions
Family Weekend
General Counseling
Group Therapy
Intensive Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs (ADD)
Urine Drug Screens
Another Way, Inc.'s primary competitors are River Valley Behavioral Health in Union County and Pennyroyal Mental Health Clinic in Crittenden County. River Valley Behavioral Health offers no substance abuse treatment group therapy and most of Pennyroyal's locations are out of our service areas, making it difficult for clients to make the drive.

Our ability to provide compassionate counseling services based on comfort and trust, while also maintaining excellence in our treatment programs, is what sets us apart from our competition. We are utilized extensively by the Family Courts, District and Circuit Courts, Pre-Trial Diversion, Cabinet for Family and Children's Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Probation and Parole, Drug Court, area physicians, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) services, employers, and attorneys, as we are the only provider in the area conducting substance abuse treatment groups and the only provider of intensive outpatient treatment. We are also utilized for employee drug screens by area businesses.

In conclusion, we at Another Way, Inc. believe not only in another way, but a better way; a better way for individuals and families to find the help that they need and to become more productive members of their communities through proper clinical treatment. The aim of this business plan is to outline a comprehensive expansion plan for Another Way, Inc. With secured additional funding, we could better serve those in need throughout communities in the western Kentucky area by updating our treatment facilities, increasing staff, revitalizing treatment programs and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan. When our plan for new programs and service come to fruition, we will then be more able to fulfill our overall mission of providing behavioral and emotional health services by uniting resources to help people become effective contributors to the social, spiritual and economic well being of our community, all while assisting individuals and families to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Services Offered:
The following is a detailed listing of services offered at Another Way, Inc.:

Counseling Services: Another Way, Inc. is committed to strengthening individuals and families in times of stress. Our services are designed to address problems in an individualized manner under conditions that assure client safety, comfort and confidentiality. We address all manners of substance abuse problems as well as aner management issues and their impact, not only for the individual, but for the individual's family as well.

-Adolescent/Adult General Assessments
-Adult IOP
-Aftercare Programs
-Alcohol (EcG) Urine Tests
-Alcohol Screen
-Anger Assessment
-Anger Control Training
-Clinical Impression Preparation for Referral
-Counseling and Case Management
-Drug Screen Confirmations
-DUI Assessment
-DUI Classes
-DUI Group Session
-DUI Individual Session
-Education Services
-Family Counseling Sessions
-Family Group Program
-Family Weekend Program
-Group Therapy
-Hair Follicle Test
-Home Breath Test
-Individual Therapy Sessions
-Oral Fluid Drug Test
-Skin Patch Test
-Urine Drug Screens

At Another Way, Inc., we offere intensive outpatient treatment services, consisting of six hours per week of group therapy and educational information. Clients are recommended to attend approximately 18-24 sessions, depending on their needs. Aftercare group treatments are then recommended, which are one-hour sessions, once per week, for up to one year. Outpatient treatment groups are 90-minute sessions and can occur one to two times per week. The duration of these sessions, again, depends upon client needs.

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