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Benchmark Young Adult School

Transitional Independent Living Program and Young Adult Program

Benchmark Young Adult School Program Information

Gender: Coeducational
Ages: 18 to 28
Grades: Secondary/Post Secondary
Estimated Enrollment: 55
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 1993
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Benchmark Young Adult School Contact Information

1971 Essex Ct.
Redlands, CA 92353
Phone: (800) 474-4848
Fax: (909) 748-6424
School Contact: Richard Brimhall
Alternative Contact: Jayne Longnecker
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Within four phases of achievement, we teach the concept of natural consequence through our highly structured curriculum of Emotional Growth, Educational & Vocational Development and Independent Living. Benchmark requires an initial commitment of six months for the first phase. Each phase builds upon the one previous and is designed to advance the student toward his or her own individual level of success.

Bronze Phase - (Preparation Phase) During the first six months, Benchmark teaches the basic strategies and habits of successful living. At the conclusion of this phase, students may choose to strategize their exit plan, graduate and move on. OR, they may select the option to continue into the Silver Phase, which will provide them with additional resources to become even more successful.

Our Bronze Phase core curriculum includes:

Academic coaching Cooking Class Physical fitness Apartment living Daily living skills Positive peer groups Boundary setting Dating privileges Relationship building Budgeting/Finance Emotional growth Therapeutic consultants** College courses* High school diploma Work skills Community participation Irlen Syndrome Testing+ Vocational education* Silver Phase – (Practical Application Phase) In the next three months, students experience the practical application to the skills acquired during the Bronze Phase. Students advance toward independence by adding a part-time job, learning to pay their own bills and managing their personal lives. At the conclusion of this phase, they may again choose to strategize their exit plan, graduate and move on. OR, they may select the option to continue into the Gold Phase, which provides the next level of independence.

Gold Phase – (Independent Living and Exit Phase) During the next three months, students transition to living off-property and experience practical living skills, with the safety-net of Benchmark supervision. Students maintain their educational goals, continue working a job in the community and continually develop their financial responsibility. As students strategize their Exit Plan prepare to graduate from Benchmark, they are also provided with the option of stepping into the Graduate Program.

Graduate Program – (Final Achievement Phase) For those students who are successfully maintaining their independence and appreciate the option of having continued contact with Benchmark, we offer the Graduate Program. Graduate Students may choose to continue working with their Life Coaches on month-to-month basis, while they pursue their goals.

If you are looking for a school for troubled teens or a transitional program for your Substance Abuse Aftercare Program, then please call today.

Irlen Syndrome testing – Scotopic Sensitivity is testing to help manage academic and work performance, behavior, attention and concentration. Please visit for additional details.

College Courses and Vocational Educational Programs – College courses are available at the beginning of each semester. Vocational Educational Programs include, but are not limited to: Cosmetology, Paramedic/EMT, Nursing, Billing Clerk, Computer Technician, Veterinary Assistant, Culinary Arts, Welding, etc. Please visit or or our Education Page for additional details.

Therapeutic Consultants – Depending upon individual needs, Benchmark works with licensed and certified Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Eating Disorder and Family Issues.

Because education is a core component of the successful curriculum at Benchmark, our on-site Education Department partners with fully accredited schools to offer successful academic options to our students. Our Dean of Education supervises individualized education plans to maximize each student’s academic options. Our Education Department hosts a resource center, monitored internet access, a comprehensive tutoring and study skills program, assistance with college placement and testing, curriculum guidance and career testing.

High School
Benchmark Young Adult School has formed an educational alliance with Redlands Adult High School (RAS). The flexible curriculum allows students to obtain their high school diploma (and/or GED) concurrently within the structure of Benchmark’s emotional growth and independent living curriculum.


Many students attend both high school and college courses simultaneously. Students can register for classes at two local area community colleges, San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) or Crafton Hills College (CHC) and at California Regional Occupational Programs. In addition, upper level students can register at California State University and University of California extension courses. Students can obtain their general education requirements, in addition to their elective and/or certificate course work.

The high school, colleges and universities are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), thus most credits earned are transferable to other schools and universities in the country.

College students can register for classes offered within a full spectrum of instructional programs, such as: Business & Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Health Science, Humanities, Art, Math, Science, Social Science & Human Development, Technical and Transportation. In addition, these local schools offer student elective and/or certificate choices such as: Astronomy, Automotive, Crime Scene Investigation, Culinary Arts, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Child Development, Emergency Medical Technician, Oceanography, Paramedic/Fire Technician, A+/Cisco Networking Certification. They also offer courses on Radio, Television, Film and Speech. SBVC has a public access radio and television station where students learn and work on-site.

Vocational Education

California's Regional Occupational Program (ROP) is also fully accredited by the WASC and offers students vocational training and certification through programs such as: Certified Nursing Assistant, Career Transition Program, Computer Technician, Medical Billing Clerk and Veterinary Assistant. In addition, upper level students have the option of pursuing programs such as: Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) and Licensed Cosmetology. The Regional Occupational Program is an excellent way for students to focus their on their career goals and obtain additional job skills.

Benchmark Young Adult School provides a Sober Living program for students who have either experimented with drugs or alcohol, or for students who have completed a recovery or treatment program and require a sober living environment that is safe and structured. For these students, recovery must be the central goal, as growth cannot occur otherwise.

We accept both young men and women applicants. Our program of Sober Living, combined with our successful curriculum of emotional growth, education, work skills and independent living, provides the foundation for sobriety. Sober Living students will enroll in Benchmark's Bronze Phase, for a minimum of six months (please see curriculum page for more details.)

In addition to the Bronze Phase, Benchmark's Sober Living program curriculum includes:

Required attendance in classes on addiction and relapse prevention
Completion of the 12 steps of AA/NA
Mandatory attendance at AA/NA meetings
One-on-one therapy, as needed (additional costs may apply)
Out-patient treatment, as needed (additional costs may apply)
Routine and random drug testing
Assistance in dealing with other co-occurring disorders
Assistance with medical management, as needed
Benchmark's staff of dedicated and accomplished Certified Life Coaches, who are also addiction specialists, will coach students through their process of self-discovery and help them find a life that is free of addiction and substance abuse. Students must be willing to be an active participant in their quest for recovery through our sober living program.

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere in which students can achieve full recovery, as well as gain the skills necessary to formulate and implement goals for themselves. Benchmark will continue to assess each student’s motivation, time management and the progress of their emotional growth and maturity.

At the conclusion of each phase, students may choose to graduate, strategize their exit plan and move on. OR, they may continue into each subsequent phase, providing them with additional resources to become successful. For more information on our sober living program, or if you have any other questions, please Contact Us today

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