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Caron Adolescent Residential Treatment Center

Residential Treatment Center

Caron Adolescent Residential Treatment Center Program Information

Gender: Males and Females (gender separated)
Ages: 13 to 19 years old
Grades: 8 to 12
Estimated Enrollment: 40
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 1990
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Caron Adolescent Residential Treatment Center Contact Information

Galen Hall Road
P.O.Box 150
Wernersville, PA 19565
Phone: (800) 678-2332
Fax: (610) 670-5748
School Contact: Brenda Grumbling
Alternative Contact: David Rotenberg
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

The Mission of Caron is to provide an enlightened, caring treatment community in which those affected by alcoholism and drug addiction may begin a new life.

At Caron, we don't try to treat young chemically dependent people the way we treat adults. We know that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development of adolescents differs from that of adults; they have a different set of values and problems.

Leading Provider
Caron Treatment Centers is a leading provider of addiction treatment services in the fight against chemical dependency. Caron provides a comprehensive continuum of treatment services that focus on the medical, psychological/psychiatric, clinical, physical and spiritual aspects of one's recovery; all while being based on the 12-Step philosophy.

Providing the Most Addiction Treatment Options
Caron offers gender-separate, gender-specific treatment programs with a full spectrum of services including assessments, primary, relapse and extended residential treatment programs for adolescents, young adults and adults, as well as programs for families affected by the disease of addiction. With nearly 70% of patients entering treatment already suffering from psychiatric/psychological disorders in addition to their chemical dependency, Caron has extensive experience in treating co-occurring disorders within the patient community.

Treatment That Works
Caron consistently strives to provide world-class treatment by continually implementing innovative treatment protocols and ever improving our quality of care.

One of the most challenging patients to address clinically is the

-Providing an accurate drug and alcohol assessment,
-addressing co-occurring psychiatric issues,
-and simultaneously meeting increasingly complicated family needs are norms throughout Caron's adolescent treatment services.

This process starts in our 40-bed primary Adolescent Treatment Center. And in many cases, the process continues for an additional 90 days in our extended care facilities.

Individualized Education
Teens with drug/alcohol-related problems have many areas of their lives affected by their use of chemicals. Often, education is one of the most severely affected. During the course of the adolescents' stay in Primary and Extended Care, they are involved in Caron's education program, a program that is individualized in nature. Patients receive assignments from their home school and the Caron teaching staff helps them to catch up and maintain their academic status.

Caron provides an alternative education program licensed through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The teachers are licensed to teach in an alternative education setting and have solid experience in handling the emotional and behavioral difficulties that our patients bring into the classroom setting. In addition, through these educational resources, we are able to provide up-to-date educational testing as needed. Special tutoring for GED testing is available, as is tutoring over the summer months. In many cases, patients can gain school credit for attending group, lecture and recreation sessions that are a part of their daily schedule while in treatment.

Patients have regularly scheduled time for fitness activities at Caron's state-of-the-art fitness center, which features:

A full-size gymnasium with regulation-size basketball and volleyball courts
A full-equipped weight training room
In addition, adventure-based counseling activities are conducted on Caron's outdoor challenge course, which features high and low element activities. The fitness center is additionally equipped with an indoor high element course for winter use and during inclement weather.

Offsite Programming
In addition to on-site programming, Caron also utilizes community parks, campgrounds and recreation facilities. patient field trips include:

-Indoor rock climbing
-Kayak instruction
-And swimming to name a few.

All of Caron's activities are under the direct supervision of experienced recreation counselors who have knowledge of issues related to substance abuse and dependency.

Six Areas of Service
The Pastoral Services Department at Caron supports spirituality as a vital component of the holistic approach to treatment provided across the Caron continuum of care. The 12-Step philosophy is the common basis on which our spiritual offerings are grounded. Caron patients come from diverse spiritual and religious backgrounds. Experts in a variety of traditions bring years of clinical pastoral experience to bear in diverse group and individual settings on and off the Caron campus. Such integrated spiritual care allows the recovering person to regain their dignity and form creative, life-giving, intimate relationships with self, others, the universe and a Higher Power.

Pastoral Services are especially significant at Caron in relation to the six areas of service:

-Faith and Spirituality, including the 12-Steps
-Grief and Loss
-Guilt and Shame
-Anxiety and Tension
-Patient Secrets

Case managers work with the pastoral staff and other departments to customize spiritual care as an integrated aspect of the patient's treatment plan. Patients are frequently encouraged to undertake spiritual tasks as part of treatment, including attendance at Caron's Sunday chapel service, meditation, journaling exercises, spiritual consultations, step work, and other experiential techniques.

How to Reach Us
Caron Counseling Services can be reached between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday by calling 800-854-6023.

The First Step
For many clients, contact with the outpatient facility is the first contact they have with a treatment provider. The treatment process usually begins with a call from a potential client, family member, employer, EAP, legal officials or school.

An initial assessment of the client's status will be conducted by either a certified or master's level addiction counselor or a licensed social worker. Treatment needs are then established and an appropriate recommendation is made.

CCS staff consists of certified addictions counselors, master's level addiction counselors and mental health professionals to meet every patient's needs.

Continuum of Care:

Orientation Program
This is a less intensive level of care. It addresses the needs of the individual who does not have a defined dependency problem. The program presents clients with information to assess their own using behavior and make sensible decisions about the role of alcohol or drugs in their life.

Intensive Outpatient Programs
These treatment programs have a greater level of intensity and consist of:

-Group therapy
-Individual and family counseling
-Drug education
-12-Step principles of recovery
-Relapse prevention
-Lectures, videos, therapeutic games and other techniques are used to expand and augment the opportunities for learning new ways to think and behave. Family members are strongly encouraged to participate in a group program of education and counseling.

Primary Outpatient Programs
Treatment in this structured program consists of drug and alcohol education, as well as group discussions.

Individual Therapy
Upon assessment, individuals may receive individual therapy alone or in combination with group therapy.

Aftercare Support Groups
Aftercare support groups meet weekly to help maintain and support the recovery process. Under the guidance of skilled addictions counselors, ongoing issues of coping with everyday life are explored, and patients share their experiences and offer mutual support.

Adult and Adolescent Services

-Aftercare support groups
-Codependency program
-Drug and alcohol evaluations
-Drug screenings
-Educational programs
-Family therapy
-Group therapy
-Individual therapy
-Intensive outpatient program
-Intervention services
-Marital and family counseling
-Partial hospitalization program
-Relapse treatment

Intervention Services
What is an intervention?
Within the realm of alcoholism and drug addiction, an intervention consists of family and friends formally approaching an individual about their chemical use in a loving and non-judgmental way; with the goal that the individual will hear their concerns and seek help for their problem.

For those concerned about a loved one or a client who has a drug or alcohol problem, our professionals can work with them on an intervention to help the troubled individual face the reality of their addiction problem and get the treatment necessary for their well-being.

The process includes placing the initial call, a pre-intervention meeting with an addictions counselor and then determining if an actual intervention needs to take place.

Gender based treatment
Caron recognizes that a woman's experience of chemical
dependency and recovery is different than a man's. Research has shown that women progress much better while in treatment in gender separate programs, so Caron has designed a comprehensive continuum of care to treat the female addict by providing the most progressive treatment to sensitively address the context of a woman's addiction and empower her individual recovery. Caron's programs are designed to address these issues in a safe and supportive environment.

Gender-separate services are provided to enhance the development of female support systems and focus on coexisting concerns that are important to women. Women are more likely to express themselves in gender separate groups and are often more willing to share about important issues, such as:

-Body image
-Sexual trauma

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