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Monarch Center for Family Healing (formerly Trailhead Wilderness School) - Wilderness Program

The Monarch Center for Family Healing, formerly known as Trailhead Wilderness School, is a privately owned and operated wilderness program for youth between the ages of 10 – 18 years old. We are located in Georgetown, Colorado, which is approximately one hour west of Denver. Our wilderness courses operate in the Rocky Mountains during the summer months and in various locations including the Gr... Monarch Center for Family Healing (formerly Trailhead Wilderness School) Program Overview

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy - Wilderness Program

Open Sky’s holistic wilderness program engages the transformational power of nature to strengthen relationships, foster growth, cultivate awareness, and develop overall health and wellness. Our unique approach combines traditional therapeutic approaches, naturopathic medicine, innovative substance abuse treatment, organic, whole foods nutrition, and healthy outdoor living for all of our st... Open Sky Wilderness Therapy Program Overview

Living Well Transitions - Transitional Independent Living Program & Young Adult Program

Living Well Transitions is a therapeutic, independent-living program for young men and women ages 18+. Our goal is to help young adults create a happy, healthy and rewarding life of independence. We strive to teach our clients how to reduce the harm from high-risk behaviors, while creating a balance in life between opportunity and responsibility. Living Well Transitions is an innovative therape... Living Well Transitions Program Overview

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