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Eckerd Academy at Deer Lodge

Outdoor Therapeutic Program

Eckerd Academy at Deer Lodge Program Information

Gender: Coeducational
Ages: 10-18
Grades: 4-12
Estimated Enrollment: 60
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 1988
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Eckerd Academy at Deer Lodge Contact Information

421 Catfish Farm Rd.
Deer Lodge, TN 37726
Phone: (800) 914-3937
Fax: (727) 442-5911
School Contact: Francene Hazel
Alternative Contact: Richard L. Wentworth
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Eckerd Youth Alternatives is a national leader in outdoor therapeutic treatment programs for troubled youth. Eckerd Youth Alternatives’ Eckerd Academy is a positive, nurturing, highly effective outdoor residential treatment program for boys and girls, ages 10-18.

Troubled Kids Are Special.
Helping Them Succeed Is Our Specialty.

Eckerd Academy is a licensed, accredited residential alternative school and outdoor therapeutic program that specializes in helping students discover innate natural strengths and achieve their maximum potential. We specialize in helping students who continue to struggle despite participating in other school or community-based counseling programs.

Campuses in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee

At Eckerd Academy’s three campuses, students learn how to communicate and solve problems effectively, to accept personal responsibility and to respect themselves and others. Our residential alternative schools also help students gain the self-esteem and competence needed to navigate the tough road from adolescence to adulthood. Our three campuses are:

-Eckerd Academy at Deer Lodge, TN
-Eckerd Academy of the Blue Ridge, GA
-Eckerd Academy at Brooksville, FL

A Residential Alternative School for Troubled Teens With Emotional, Academic and Behavior Problems

Our typical student profile includes boys and girls ages 10 – 18(10 – 17 in Brooksville, FL) who are:

-Spiraling out of control
-Making poor peer relationship choices
-Causing conflicts at home, in school or in their communities
-Acting defiant or entitled
-Having anger management problems
-Experiencing depression, anxiety, ADHD or oppositional defiant disorder
-Emotional and Academic Growth

Students receive a treatment and academic plan tailored to their individual needs, which may include:

-Individual counseling
-Group counseling
-Family counseling & workshops
-Social skills training
-Life skills training
-Assessment driven academics
-College prep & standardized testing prep
-Aftercare and follow up

Individualized Treatment Plans Maximize Each Child’s Potential

Your child will be assessed at program entry and before graduation to determine academic, social and behavior functioning levels. Both you and your child will be asked to provide information and ideas on the problems, needs, strengths and goals you would like to see addressed. All this information is used to design an individualized master treatment plan.

Treatment planning includes reviewing assessments, determining the focus of treatment, and establishing the services and treatment interventions to be provided (e.g., behavioral health and substance abuse services.) Your child’s treatment plan may include:

Group, Individual and Family Counseling - Your child will live, work, go to school, and play in a gender-specific group of 10 to 12 youth and two trained counselor/teachers. Your teen will spend the majority of time participating in therapeutic group activities, including problem solving sessions and conducting daily evaluations.

Behavior Management - Through the repeated experience of therapeutic problem solving, your child will begin taking personal responsibility, building positive relationships and developing personal growth.

Accredited, Year-Round Alternative Education - Our outdoor therapy programs provide an on-campus alternative school that is fully licensed by the appropriate state education authorities and regionally accredited. Your teen will earn educational credits that are transferable to the school to which he or she will return.

Social Skills and Life Skills Training – Your teen will learn skills to help him or her get along with others and maximize potential.

Family Support and Involvement – Your family will be fully supported while your child is in treatment. Family involvement is one of the keys to our high success rate.

Aftercare and Follow Up – Specialize coaching and consultation that helps students apply the self-discipline and skills they have learned.

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