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Living Well Transitions

Transitional Independent Living Program & Young Adult Program

Living Well Transitions Program Information

Gender: Coeducational
Ages: 18+
Grades: N/A
Estimated Enrollment: 15
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 2004
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Living Well Transitions Contact Information

PO Box I
Boulder, CO 80306
Phone: (303) 245-1020
Fax: (303) 245-1001
School Contact: Julie Randall
Alternative Contact: Dave Prior
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Living Well Transitions is a therapeutic, independent-living program for young men and women ages 18+. Our goal is to help young adults create a happy, healthy and rewarding life of independence. We strive to teach our clients how to reduce the harm from high-risk behaviors, while creating a balance in life between opportunity and responsibility.

Living Well Transitions is an innovative therapeutic approach to traditional young adult programs. We provide individualized and assertive community treatment – in an independent, real-world living environment – in the heart of beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

We assist our clients in reducing the harm from unproductive or high-risk behaviors – helping them create a balance between opportunity and responsibility – through therapy, counseling, community networking, social skills enhancement, educational and vocational support, and additional resources as needed.


The Living Well approach to working with youth in transition is based on a model distinguishing five elements of transition: Life, School, Work, Relationships, Meaning.

By developing an awareness of how each of these elements manifest in their lives, our clients begin to better understand how their thoughts and actions affect their environment. This awareness is crucial to fostering behaviors and attitudes that promote success and independence in all areas of life.

The five elements model guides the creation of transition plans, as each client presents with strengths and weaknesses in each area. As clients progress through the program, our clinical staff makes ongoing assessments to address emerging strengths and challenges as they develop.

ELEMENT #1 - Life

The Life Element addresses the basics of managing everyday life – from acquiring an apartment and obtaining adequate furnishings, to household management issues such as cleanliness, grocery shopping, cooking, and financial management. We also assist our clients in dealing with medical and health issues, and provide support with personal hygiene, diet, and general fitness. Once the daily challenges of life management begin to feel routine to our clients, our work can reach deeper into the underlying challenges that are uncovered.

ELEMENT #2 - School

School is an Element that, for many of our clients, is both challenging and incredibly rewarding. We offer our clients an extended network of educational counselors and professional tutors to help each meet his or her educational goals. Whether it is completing high school, obtaining a GED, studying for SAT’s, attending college or a trade school, we support and encourage each client to set and attain appropriate educational goals. Our close connections to area schools enables us to communicate effectively with faculty and administrations to track progress or assess the special needs of each client. Please refer to our resources page to view some of the local schools and institutions.

ELEMENT #3 - Work

Work is a stabilizing component of life that fosters confidence and independence. We provide our clients with resume building assistance, job application and interview skills counseling and support them in obtaining - and maintaining - employment. We utilize our extensive network in the Boulder community to increase opportunities for job placements and endeavor to help our clients find a job well suited to them. After they have secured employment, we continue to engage with them to ensure they have support on following through with their job responsibilities, while relating with them on how their employment serves their long-term goals for increased independence.

ELEMENT #4 - Relationships

Developing and maintaining healthy and supportive relationships is a crucial part of young-adult life. We encourage our clients to pursue relationships that will further promote their growth and well-being. We support our clients to engage in the community by connecting them with support groups and social groups. Our extensive community network includes, in part, artists, writers, musicians, professors, athletes, young professionals, etc. Having deep and longstanding ties to so many creative people allows us to provide our clients with many opportunities to connect with established and inspiring people in the Boulder area. Learning to develop nurturing and healthy peer relationships is a prominent focus of our program.

ELEMENT #5 - Meaning

We provide clients with the opportunity to define and actualize more meaning and purpose in their lives. We do this through individual therapy, family counseling, and life skills counseling. We also support clients’ interest and desire to connect to causes and ideas that are personally meaningful to them. We encourage our clients to examine themselves with curiosity and intelligence to foster insight and wisdom. Boulder is renowned for its community of spiritual, intellectual and progressive thinkers. From visiting lectures, interfaith dialogues, workshops and retreats, there are countless opportunities here to develop a deeper sense of meaning and significance in the world.

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