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Maple Lake Academy

Residential Treatment Center

Maple Lake Academy Program Information

Gender: Girls Only
Ages: 13 through 17
Grades: 7 - 12
Estimated Enrollment: 14
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 2005
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Maple Lake Academy Contact Information

P.O. Box 175
Payson, UT 84651
Phone: (801) 798-7700
Fax: (801) 798-7739
School Contact: Patti Hollenbeck-Dial, PhD
Alternative Contact: Patti Hollenbeck-Dial, PhD
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Maple Lake Academy’s mission is to offer the highest quality clinical and academic programs for girls, ages 13-17, who are struggling with the challenges of learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral problems.

For students struggling with verbal and non-verbal learning differences, everyday experiences can be very frustrating. Many times these struggles lead to additional emotional and interpersonal difficulties. Parents labor unceasingly to find answers as their child wrestles daily to find success.

Maple Lake Academy offers the answers addressing emotional and behavioral problems attributed to the effects of learning differences. With a safe and fun home environment and a balance of structure and love, girls can learn to succeed in the areas of self-discovery, academics, emotional health, family relationships, and social relationships.

Maple Lake Academy's Philosophy

-Each student has the right to an excellent education designed to meet the needs of her specific learning challenges.

-Each student with learning differences must be given the opportunity to discover her unique talents and gifts.

-Each student has the right to gain an understanding of her particular learning differences and the strategies that will help her be successful in the future.

-A student with learning differences must have the opportunity to acquire skills that will allow her to succeed in her interpersonal relationships with family, work and social environments.

-Family support and involvement is an integral part of the overall success for students with learning disabilities.

-All people involved in the process of growth - the student, parents, teachers, therapists and staff must be willing to use their creativity and desire for knowledge to help the student embrace life and learning, one success at a time.

Emotional Health and Nurturing

The therapeutic program at Maple Lake academy consists of structured individual, group, family and experiential therapies. Each student at Maple Lake receives a minimum of 20 hours of therapy each week. This allows the students the opportunity to work through personal and family struggles and gives the optimum opportunity to learn life skills in a consistent and individualized manner.

Throughout the therapeutic process, Maple Lake Academy therapists customize the treatment plan to fit each girl's specific needs. Without specific level systems and approaches, Maple Lake Academy monitors progress individually and focuses on strengths and successes. This builds self-esteem and allows the girls the opportunity to be a part of their progress, rather than just receiving feedback and being placed in levels with others.

Academic Program

Maple Lake Academy’s average class size is 5-7 students.

Student Education Plans(SEP) specifically address the individual academic needs of the student and offer interventions and strategies that deal with the following deficits: visual / perceptual , auditory processing, spatial awareness, conceptual, memory, work habits, social skills, and emotional / psychological issues as they relate to the classroom.

Every student studies and learns about their individual LD issues and will become experts in learning strategies that specifically address their LD challenges.

Teachers are trained in special education and learning disabilities.

Students will have daily, one-on-one tutoring

Daily teaching and reinforcement of different learning strategies that include, but are not limited to:

Availability of computer-based intervention programs that address specific LD learning strategies.

Reading, writing, math, computer exercises to practice skill building, as indicated by the needs of each individual student.

We work diligently with the student to help her make up any credit deficits in school she may have at the time of admission to Maple Lake Academy.

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