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New Summit Academy Costa Rica

Therapeutic Boarding School

New Summit Academy Costa Rica Program Information

Gender: Boys only
Ages: 15-18
Grades: 10-12
Estimated Enrollment: 22
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 2004
Accreditations: Affiliations:

New Summit Academy Costa Rica Contact Information

Educacion Nueva Cumbre, #159-4013
Atenas, Alajuela, CR 20501
Phone: 414-921-1388
Fax: 561-892-3853
School Contact: Heather Tracy, Ed.M.
Alternative Contact: Heather Tracy, Ed.M.
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Located in beautiful Atenas, Costa Rica, New Summit Academy is an independent, year-round, all-boys boarding school for teenagers. NSA offers an excellent environment for personal insight-building, engaging college preparatory academics, and adventurous experiential education. Our US academic curriculum blended with unique opportunities for personal growth in Costa Rica's natural laboratory gives NSA students an engaging life experience that helps transition them into independent college life.

Mission Statement
NSA nurtures students toward healthier lifestyles
through problem-solving & processing experiences
to become more relationship-based,
goal-driven, resourceful global citizens.

Therapeutic Staff
NSA's full time milieu therapists are a part of the family community and participate in everything from classes to cookouts to experiential education trips, creating a rich, intensive, therapeutic milieu. This creates a mentoring- and relationship-based approach instead of an institutionalized office approach.
Therapists focus on helping students problem-solve, learn how to use surrounding resources, and "own" their own process, choices, and lives.
They meet regularly with students individually as well as in groups and keep notes regarding personal growth goals, progress, and strategies. Therapists communicate with guardians through emails & weekly phone calls.

Teachers are passionate about Multiple Intelligences education with high college prep standards to help students both engage in learning & achieve academic success for their college careers.

Going to school in Costa Rica offers a whole new array of activities & resources that most high school students do not experience. This unique experience is not only beneficial to a student's personal growth, but also to a student's application & readiness for independence in college.

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