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Star Meadows Academy at Hope Ranch

Therapeutic Boarding School

Star Meadows Academy at Hope Ranch Program Information

Gender: Girls Only
Ages: 13-17 years
Grades: 7 to 12
Estimated Enrollment: 36
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 1999
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Star Meadows Academy at Hope Ranch Contact Information

1005 Baker Ave. Suite G
Whitefish, MT 59937
Phone: (406) 862-7871
Fax: (406) 862-5903
School Contact: James O. Carpenter
Alternative Contact: Linda M. Carpenter
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Our foundation is: Hope. Our mission is: To rescue girls from destructive lifestyles, to heal them in a safe and caring Christian environment, and to prepare them for healthy, productive lives. Our foundation supports and our program is built upon the cornerstones of: Therapy, Academics, Residential living, and Spirituality.

Typical Hope Ranch Student
Students who come to Hope Ranch usually have some history of behavioral and emotional problems and may be considered hard to control, oppositional, and defiant. Other symptomatic behavior may include substance abuse, sexual activity, and initial signs of eating disorders. As a result of these situations, many students admitted to Hope Ranch and its school, Star Meadows Academy, have also fallen behind academically.

We admit girls to Hope Ranch not because of their problems, but because of their POTENTIAL.

Admissions Frequently Asked Questions about Hope Ranch
Is Hope Ranch right for my child? If your child is defiant, angry, disregarding family rules, involved with drugs/alcohol, making poor choices in friends, has runaway, been abused or victimized, Hope Ranch may be the right place for her to begin the healing / changing process.

When can I enroll my daughter in Hope Ranch? We accept students at any time during the year when an opening is available.

What is our enrollment process? Our four-page application begins the process. There is no obligation or fee to complete this short application form and return it to us for review. Our enrollment process is very streamlined and can be accomplished at a speed that is both comfortable and appropriate for the family.

How do I get an application?
You may email or call (406) 862-7871, M-F from 9-5 MST. There is no application fee.

What about tuition? The costs to enroll in a therapuetic boarding school are significant. There are several factors that you should consider when evaluating the tuition costs.
(1) What is included in the tution?
(2) What are the additional fees?
(3) What are the qualifications of the staff?

(1) At Hope Ranch, the tuition is all-inclusive. That means the tuition includes academic curriculum and supplies, individual and group therapy, clothing (except winter outer-wear), and both on-Ranch and off-Ranch social and recreational activities.
(2) There are no other fees - including, no application fee.
(3) Our teachers are all certified in the state of Montana. Our residential staff are all degreed and have experience in the therapeutic school environment. Our staff therapists are Master- and doctorate-level. And we have a full-time youth pastor on staff. See: Professional Staff

As a nonprofit organization with good donor support, we are able to keep our tuition below the national average for programs of our type and effectiveness, allowing us to help more families and their daughters. The monthly tuition is $5200. We work proactively with families to find the financing that best fits their situation.

How long will my daughter be at Hope Ranch?
As a progress-based program, the length of stay is dependent upon a student’s willingness and ability to achieve individual treatment goals. The average time is 16 months. We ask that families have a tuition plan for 18 months.

Do the students go home for the summer?
The Hope Ranch program and Star Meadows Academy academic program are year-round. Prior to graduation, a student will make home visits to reintegrate her back into her family and community.

What denomination is Hope Ranch affiliated with?
We are a non-denominational, Christian, nonprofit, therapeutic boarding school for girls.

Does Hope Ranch take students who are not willing to go there?
Yes. The majority of our students do not come willingly to Hope Ranch. Our Admissions Director can help you determine the best way to get your daughter to us and on her way to lifelong healing.

What makes Hope Ranch different from other programs?
Hope Ranch is successful in healing the wounds in emotionally immature young women and returning them to their families and communities for healthy and productive futures because we are a long-term recovery program. The power behind this success is our commitment to excellence and a powerful program to teach maturity and integrity in relationships. Further, we are a program that is small enough to care for each girls' individualized needs, yet large enough to attract a highly skilled, compassionate staff knowledgeable of those needs.

As a nonprofit organization with strong support from donors, we can very selective about the students we accept. We do not have to enroll students to generalte income or profit. Thus, we have successfully created a community of young women who contribute to each others' growth, development, and success; who become lifetime friends; who re-visit the Ranch to mentor and role-model their successes.

Our program, a Journey of Hope and Christian Integrity, is guided by a therapeutic team including therapists, social workers, youth pastors and certified teachers, yet also relies on the positive role modeling of girls in leadership to help incoming girls with their healing process. Finally, we also believe that families are integral to the healing process.

Hope Ranch is different and successful in that we holistically include all of the elements necessary to prepare the girls for healthy, productive lives in our program: therapy, self-reflection, spirituality, positive role modeling, strong academics, social skills, and family relationships.

Is my daughter a candidate for Hope Ranch?
For many reasons, some young adolescent girls lose their way and begin making poor choices. Hope Ranch has been successful in working with students who have experienced or are exhibiting some of the behaviors listed below.

If you can answer yes to 3 or more of the following questions, your child may be in need of Hope Ranch's services. You may contact us for further information about help in working with your daughter.

-Does she blame others for her mistakes?
-Is your child defiant?
-Does she respond with rage, profanity or yelling when her point of view is not accepted?
-Is she easily frustrated or impatient with simple and reasonable rules?
-Have there been problems in school attendance or tardiness?
-Have her grades dropped or is she failing at school?
-Does your child have new friends that you don't know?
-Has your daughter started to hang around with older teens or adult males?
-Do you suspect that your daughter is using drugs or alcohol?
-Have her eating habits changed?
-Has she tried to run away?
-Is your child sexually active?
-Has she had any recurring problems due to traumatic events or changes in her life? (divorce, abuse, death etc.)
-Does she deliberately self-injure, or cut markings into her skin?
-Has she made threatening statements in writing?
-Has she implied that she has a plan for suicidal or violent behavior?

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