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Sunrise RTC

Residential Treatment Center

Sunrise RTC Program Information

Gender: Girls Only
Ages: 12 - 17
Grades: 7 - 12
Estimated Enrollment: 32
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 2000
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Sunrise RTC Contact Information

65 North 1150 West
Hurricane, UT 84737
Phone: (435) 635-1185
Fax: (435) 635-1187
School Contact: Bobbie Jensen
Alternative Contact: Dave Prior
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Sunrise is a place to reclaim the daughter you had before her problems started. At Sunrise we work with you and your daughter to make the changes needed to have an enhanced, meaningful relationship. Through the use of therapy, education, daily living coaching, health and fitness, we mentor your daughter along the path of balanced living and healthy choices.

Residential Treatment Program and Boarding School for Teen Girls

At Sunrise, we know that EVERY GIRL IS DIFFERENT. Because your daughter possesses a unique constellation of experiences, talents, relationships, and struggles, Sunrise offers a teen residential treatment program that is customized to meet her special needs. Sunrise works to uncover the academic, social, and emotional potential of girls who have been held back by emotional or behavioral struggles. Our staff knows that in school and treatment one size does not fit all, so we meet your daughter right where she is and design a program that changes with her as she grows confident, secure, and healthy during treatment.

All aspects of our program are designed to form a healing milieu that combines the warmth of a home, the safety and clinical expertise of a residential treatment program, and the community access of a transition program. As a result, many students who would otherwise need two or three programs can move through their entire healing process-from treatment to their transition back home or off to college-all at Sunrise, quickly, effectively, and affordably.

HELP with emotional and behavioral issues

Sunrise works with teen girls between the ages of 13 and 17 who are struggling with a range of emotional and behavioral issues. We work to uncover and tap the great potential these teen girls possess; potential that may be masked by internal struggles and emotional pain. By combining the best features of a boarding school, a treatment facility, and a transition program, we are able to wrap around these girls with care, giving the support and tools necessary to thrive. Our licensed therapists and special education certified teachers are equipped to help girls struggling with a number of issues, including, but not limited to:

-Substance abuse
-School avoidance
-Learning disabilities
-Low self-esteem
-Sexual promiscuity
-Eating disorders

What's more, Sunrise is designed to move your daughter through a complete therapeutic process-from assessment, through treatment, to the transition back home.


Sunrise is, uniquely, an all-in-one treatment solution, combining the warmth of a home, the safety of a licensed residential treatment center, and the community access of a transition program. We also offer the best features of a college-preparatory boarding school as well as accommodations for learning differences, so that teen girls can excel academically while healing emotionally. This all-in-one approach allows many girls to complete all phases of their healing process in a single program, saving time and money, and improving outcomes!

By staying intentionally small with a maximum enrollment of 32 girls and a staff to student ratio of between 1:3 and 1:6, Sunrise always feels safe, warm, and personal. Our facility is a house that we've converted into a comfortable place our girls can call their home away from home. The result is a warmth and comfort that you feel the minute you step through our front door.

Sunrise has the clinical sophistication, secure facility, and structure of a licensed RTC, allowing us to safely address the needs of girls during even their most challenging times. Our staff has the experience and credentials to effectively treat a wide range of issues, and our proximity to medical and psychiatric resources means that we can provide a high level of safety for our girls. When girls feel safe, the healing process is accelerated.

Our ultimate goal is to bring families together and to bring daughters home or send them safely to college. When your daughter is ready to test her new skills in preparation for her journey home or to college, we're ready too! Located in the supportive community of Hurricane, Utah, our girls enjoy access to jobs, internships, colleges, and volunteering opportunities. As each girl goes through her own unique healing process, community experiences represent a critical last step before going home-an opportunity to test what she's learned in the real world, but with the ready support of staff and friends she's come to trust deeply.

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