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Tamarack Center

Residential Treatment Center

Tamarack Center Program Information

Gender: Coeducational
Ages: 12-17
Grades: 6 - 12
Estimated Enrollment: 16
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 1984
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Tamarack Center Contact Information

2901 W. Fort George Wright Dr.
Spokane, WA 99224
Phone: (800) 736-3410
Fax: (509) 326-9358
School Contact: Christopher Dal Pra
Alternative Contact: Tim Davis
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Tamarack Center is a small 16-bed medical model residential psychiatric treatment for adolescents ages 12-17. Tamarack Center's mission focuses on providing individualized focused care in a safe and therapeutic atmosphere. At the base of Tamarack's treatment philosophy is the concept of relationships. It is our belief that through a healthy, developmentally appropriate relationship, youth can begin to face their emotional difficulties and prepare for the future.

Each child is made to feel as safe and "at home" as possible; decorating and individualizing their own rooms. Children eat together in a home-like dining room and group areas are comfortable and designed to encourage interaction.

Intensive, Compassionate Treatment
Tamarack Center serves 16 in-patient residents who are between the ages of 12 and 18; providing intensive 24-hour treatment. The small size of our facility and high ratio of staff to residents promotes relationship building and trust. We provide a secure, healthy, consistent and nurturing environment for youth.

Thorough and detailed assessments of new residents are quickly completed and communicated immediately to referring mental health professionals and/or insurance utilization/case management staff for consultation. This enables us to rapidly establish an effective treatment plan individually tailored to the needs of the child. The goal is to help each resident achieve the least restrictive treatment level as quickly as possible. Medication assessments and monitoring of changes in medication regimes are prescribed by referring or consulting psychiatrists.

Residents are helped to address tough issues, such as depression, separation, identity, grief and abandonment. Our staff knows how to effectively intervene and redirect energy if residents display aggressive or inappropriate behaviors. Helping residents learn different methods of dealing with the "triggers" for these behaviors is incorporated into their individual therapy. Tamarack Center residents are of normal intelligence; our program is not designed for those with developmental disabilities, such as mental retardation.

Milieu Therapy
Milieu therapy is therapy that is received all day, every day, as the children go through the routine of daily living; resolving problems and learning to live together in a more cooperative manner. Every interaction becomes a learning experience in building healthy relationships, resolving conflicts and learning appropriate decision-making skills.

A Personalized Focus
Each child is assigned a primary residential counselor. This counselor, who usually has two children under his or her care, meets regularly with the residents to work on emotional issues, group living problems and to identify achievements.

Group therapy is used to teach the residents to support, confront and help each other. In addition, "focus" groups concentrate on a single topic, such as self-esteem or relationships. For those with a history of chemical dependency and addiction, we can arrange for special counseling.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation therapy is a powerful medium for change and an important aspect of our program. This is because many of our residents are unable to discuss their feelings openly in the other available therapies. Activities can include bike rides, softball, dining out, workouts at a gym or other activities residents particularly enjoy. The wide range of activities in community settings allow us to better prepare residents for their return to home and family. After each activity, children talk about their behavior and feelings.

Multi-Disciplinary Care

Therapy is provided 7-days-per-week in a variety of individualized and group settings by highly qualified staff. Below is a list of the types of interactions scheduled and of the educational preparation of the staff.

· Individual therapy by a masters-level, certified staff member.

· Individual daily medications monitoring by a registered nurse.

· Group recreation therapy with a recreation specialist.

· Family therapy by a masters-level, certified staff member.

· Group therapy by a masters-level, certified staff member.

· Focus group sessions by qualified staff.

· Daily behavioral management by qualified staff.

In addition to the therapies mentioned above, Tamarack Center services include:

· a consulting psychiatrist who oversees each child's treatment

· a Ph.D. psychologist who conducts assessments and evaluations

· 24-hour coverage by registered nurses

· a consulting pediatrician

· a registered dietitian

· an occupational therapist

· speech and hearing therapy arranged through the school district

· thorough documentation maintained by a medical records technician.

"Family Matters"
At Tamarack Center, we believe in the importance of supporting and involving families throughout the child's stay. Family therapy begins immediately and can continue on an outpatient basis following discharge. For residents whose families are geographically distant, regularly scheduled phone conferences are used to involve them in the program and in the progress being made.

For one very special day each month, residents and family members come together and share a meal and recreational activities. Parents then attend a parents-only support group, while residents attend a separate support group with their brothers and sisters. The ongoing support and communication Tamarack Center provides to families improves the ability of residents to continue their progress when they leave our facility.

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