Teen Cutting - how aware is your teenage child?


It is not uncommon to hear of incidents where a teenager boy or girl in your neighborhood severely hurt himself while trying to self-mutilate. There are a large number of individuals who intentionally cut or mutilate themselves in order to derive pleasure out of pain.

This trend is scientifically known by the name of teen cutting. A recent study has revealed that on an estimate, one out of every two hundred girls self mutilate themselves. Most of the teenagers believe that cutting themselves will help them to get over their depression and feel better about themselves.

What is it?

Teen cutting is considered a physical release of emotional and psychological stress which seems to get too overwhelming. The pain caused by cutting helps to release endorphins which help to clear the mind of built up anger and anxiety in teenage cutters.

Most of the people still believe in the myth that teen cutting could be caused because of chemical imbalances which make them crave for the endorphin release. This could even be caused because of endorphin release. Apart from that, a lot of teenage cutters also indulge in cutting simply to sensually arouse them. These teenagers believe that they feel more real and âaliveâ while cutting themselves up.

Does it go unnoticed?

Most of the times, it is not even possible to find out if teenagers are cutting themselves deliberately. This is the reason why most of the parents are not able to figure out or figure it out quite late in the day if their child is suffering from self mutilation. The consequences of self mutilation on an individual can be quite horrible. The teenager could be left feeling guilty of him/herself for a long time to come.

A study has revealed that most of the teens who cut themselves up do it in order to deal with the feeling of âbeing invisibleâ when in a crowd. The sight of blood on cutting helps them to make themselves believe of their physical existence and the pain which surrounds them.

Identify and stop this deadly habit

However, it is never too late to try and stop the practice of teen cutting in an individual. More often than not, parents come to realize it way later. Initially, it is the peer group and friends who come to know about the self indulgent teen cutting in an individual. No matter how much they try to stop them, the teenage cutter concerned would find it hard to quit, especially because of the feel good factor which teen cutting seems to offer to them.

However there are several other methods to feel good about one self rather than resorting to teen cutting. Some of the methods which can be used are:

It is necessary for such disturbed teenagers to express themselves and share their thoughts. It helps the teens to manage stress in a more effective manner.

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