Teenage Eating Disorders Are a Serious Trouble


Teenage eating disorders are undoubtedly the most common aliments of our times. These disorders develop in teens after they face some rejection traumas in their teenage. They are mostly prevalent in all cultures where it has become a norm to remain excessively slim. Teenagers these days are under lot of pressure to have the desired body shape. Most of the times, these problems occur when a teen has a low self-image. You can easily guess whether your teen is suffering from this disease when he refuses to eat anything fatty. There are no set limitations on dieting. Most of the teenagers who have been voracious eaters as kids avoid eating almost anything after developing symptoms of this disease.

Refuse to eat

Your teenager is suffering from teenage eating disorders when he/she is indulging in dieting even if the body weight is quite low as compared to teenagers of the same age group. These eating disorders are found in two variants called bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. In the latter, the teenager almost refuses to eat anything oily or fatty. But, in the former, the teenager binges up on food. If a teenaged child refuses to go to restaurants with his parents, then certainly something is wrong with him. Most of the times, such teens avoid eating out with their friends. They will refuse to eat anything on the dinner table and even hate dining with their parents. The teenager is always spending time exercising or throws away food with the help of laxatives. If these unhealthy eating disorders get out of control, then the child may completely lose his mental balance.

Peer pressure

These eating problems usually arise because a teen likes to look a certain way or may be is being rejected by peers. You can diagnose such a condition in your child, when instead of enjoying with his friends; he is busy burning off the calories gained after consuming candy. For children suffering from teenage eating disorders, eating is a big impediment to looking good. They might also suffer from Apnea which is a condition in which a person is not able to sleep at night because of being fat.

Teenagers who suffer from anorexia develop conditions like a lack of personal freedom in eating whatever they want. These problems are more prevalent in girls who try to look reed thin like their favorite supermodels. These girls try to get rid of all the extra weight they have put on during puberty. This happens when they have put some bulge during 13-17 years phase. Eating disorders can become a severe problem if the teenager becomes malnourished and also die as a result. Other diseases like kidney failure or heart ailment can also develop as a result of these teenage eating disorders.

A way to get a teenager treated for teenage eating disorders is by taking him for therapy and counseling. You have to help the teenager realize that he/she has a normal body shape and looks absolutely fine. You have to make him understand that they are accepted very well by the society. Curing these low self-esteem problems is the best way to let the teenager understand the complexity of his/her situation and get rid of it. You can also encourage the child to take part in activities like cooking and teach him/her how to cook low fat food.

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