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The Academy

Therapeutic Boarding School

The Academy Program Information

Gender: Coeducational
Ages: 12 to18
Grades: 7 to 12
Estimated Enrollment: 42
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 2001
Accreditations: Affiliations:

The Academy Contact Information

51287 Hatfield Road
Myrtle Point, OR 97458
Phone: (800) 808-7515
Fax: (541) 756-6909
School Contact: Mary Warren
Alternative Contact: Patricia Thomas
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

The Academy provides a therapeutic boarding environment, combined with a college preparatory high school curriculum with advanced placement and honors.

New students are often struggling with poor or failing grades despite high potential, association with a negative peer group, running away, anger and defiance toward parents and other authorities, depression (sullen or distant), experimentation with drugs, behavior out of control, sexual activity, or divorce/adoption issues.

The Solution

The Academy is a private boarding school for adolescents 12 to 18 years of age who are struggling in their school, home or community. Common characteristics of students who enter The Academy may include low scholastic performance despite high potential, anger and defiance toward parents and other authority, loss of interest in beneficial activities, behavior which is damaging their chances for a great future, and decreased self-esteem.
We provide two basic program options; our long-term Bridge, Oregon and Coral Island, Fiji Residential Programs and our 90-day Focus program.

Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is "Awakening Values Through Commitment and Achievement." We believe that teens who take committed action to create great lives through personal and academic achievement create greatness for themselves and within their relationships. We also believe that all teens possess these capabilities if they are awakened through emotional inspiration and academic challenge. Awakening these values is the mission of The Academy.

Operational Standards

Both campuses of The Academy are operated under the same guidelines and high standards for both education and emotional growth. Our Bridge campus operates under the strict guidelines of the State of Oregon. The State's requirements in Oregon are used as the standard by which our Coral Island Campus is operated, and is also licensed under the approval and authority of the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Education for the Federation of Fiji Islands.

Our Academic Programs

The mission of our educational approach is to assist our students in creating a successful educational experience by which an excellent scholastic record can be established, and through which our students have an opportunity to continue their education at the college or university level. Our academic structure challenges and supports our students' educational progress toward goals developed
through discussions with the parents and their teen. Some students will be completing high school while enrolled at The Academy and others will graduate when they return home. Students who return home prior to completing their high school education may choose to continue with our educational system rather than returning to the negative influences of their previous high school.

Our academic structure provides our students with the opportunity to resume their prior school course work and create a new and excellent scholastic record. The variety of courses which we provide assist each of our students to achieve their educational plans, whether technical, college prep or advanced placement/honors.

Our study courses provide the best opportunity for our GED-bound students to pass the test and receive their general education degree.

College Preparatory
Provides the full spectrum of courses needed for acceptance into the major universities and colleges in all 50 states. It also includes several major foreign languages.

Advanced Placement and Honors
Our Advanced Placement and Honors courses include Calculus, English and History. These courses prepare qualifying students to take the AP exams at a local high school in preparation for college.

College Courses Through The Academy
Numerous college-level and for-credit courses are offered through our Bridge campus from Oregon State University. These courses currently include mathematics, physics, history and many liberal arts courses.

Our residential programs are offered at both our Bridge campus, located in southwestern Oregon, and our Coral Island campus, located in the beautiful Fiji Islands of the South Pacific. The behavioral system includes our Emotional Growth Training Modules, Skills Training's, Workshops, a continuous environment of choice and accountability, a long-term internalization program, and mentoring opportunities.

Our educational system includes GED, College Preparatory, Advanced Placement and Honors. Students may complete their high school education at The Academy or they may complete it when they return home. Students who have completed their high school work may enroll in college courses through Oregon State University.

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