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The Oliverian School

Boarding/Day School

The Oliverian School Program Information

Gender: Coeducational
Ages: 13 - 17
Grades: 8 to 12
Estimated Enrollment: 55
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 2002
Accreditations: Affiliations:

The Oliverian School Contact Information

P.O. Box 98
Moosilauke Highway
Haverhill, NH 03765
Phone: (603) 989-5101
Fax: (603) 989-3055
School Contact: Barclay Mackinnon, Jr. / Mike Doherty
Alternative Contact: Barclay Mackinnon, Jr.
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

At The Oliverian School we are committed to working with students who have chosen to “walk to the beat of a different drummer.” Students who have found that more traditional schools are not meeting their emotional and/or academic needs, but who have made a decision to refocus and move toward building a more satisfying, healthy, and meaningful life, will find success at Oliverian.

Nestled on a 1,800-acre campus in beautiful Northern New Hampshire, The Oliverian School provides an inspiring, supportive, and challenging educational alternative for students in grades 9-12. Here in the mountains of New Hampshire, in a unique school environment that combines stewardship, academics, a caring culture, and adventure, students who march to the beat of their own drummer will find support, inspiration, and success. We're confident that students who have struggled in more traditional academic environments will find the right blend of challenge and understanding at Oliverian. The Oliverian School offers rolling admissions.

The Oliverian School offers a college preparatory curriculum that has been designed following consideration of the special strengths and needs of our students, many of whom are nontraditional learners. Our course of studies addresses core needs in the areas of science, language arts, mathematics, social studies and foreign language. In order to teach students other skills needed to succeed in the business of life, we also have requirements in the areas of stewardship, experiential education, health and physical education, and the Fine Arts.

Graduating students are expected to complete a comprehensive senior project. Advanced credit is offered and encouraged for students who have special subject area strengths.

The Oliverian School has a diverse and talented faculty, and emphasizes ongoing faculty growth highlighted by our professional development partnership with the nationally recognized Center for School Success.

Our mission at Oliverian is to prepare students “ . . . to succeed in a complex, intricate, and ever-changing world.” Oliverian students achieve “success through service” in two distinctly powerful ways: (1) the stewardship of our campus resources via the community work initiative, and (2) reaching out to local, regional, national, and international communities in service learning projects.

The Community Work Initiative is designed to encourage daily and sustained achievement through task and project completion. Students will transfer this learning to other areas of their life, including academics, interpersonal relationships, leisure pursuits, and character development.

Through service learning students are empowered to establish their own service goals and to design projects, thus fostering a sense of personal control over their own education, leading to self-motivated learning and self-directed personal growth.

A final goal of service at Oliverian is to “encourage self-exploration, spirituality, character formation and integrity.” We encourage students to explore their inter-dependent relationship with others and with the natural world. Our students will eat food harvested from gardens that they’ve planted and maintained, while also discovering a sense of awe and accomplishment as they maintain the natural habitat of indigenous wildlife. These experiences help our students to balance their individual needs with those of the community. They guide our students to an understanding of the “deeper purpose” in life and to the cultivation of a productive democratic school culture.

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