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Spruce Mountain Inn - Residential Treatment Center and Young Adult Program

Spruce Mountain Inn offers a structured, comprehensive treatment program that combines therapeutic/psychiatric intervention, vocational development, substance abuse treatment and skills training within the context of a supportive community. The program is structured as a continuum of service with intensive sub-acute services, residential treatment, monitored apartment living, and day treatment se... Spruce Mountain Inn Program Overview

King George School - Emotional Growth Boarding School

King George School is a sanctuary of learning and growth for bright young people who are having difficulty succeeding in a traditional high school environment. Emphasizing visual and performing arts as a vehicle for personal expression and creativity, King George School inspires 9th-12th graders to become life-long learners who honor and value the human experience.

King George School is a pl... King George School Program Overview

Bromley Brook School - Emotional Growth School

Bromley Brook girls know they are capable of more, but lack a coherent set of developmental tools to achieve their aspirations. They may be depressed, withdrawn, anxious or lack sufficient impulse control. Our girls are in need of a structured environment where they will receive expert guidance and counseling support while pursuing their high school diploma and developing healthy peer and family r... Bromley Brook School Program Overview

True North Wilderness Program - Wilderness Program

True North Wilderness Program is located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Our goal is to provide opportunities that inspire and empower our students and their families to reach their full potential. True North students typically present with mild depression, anger, anxiety, oppositional defiance, learning differences, academic difficulty, problems with peer and family relationships, and experi... True North Wilderness Program Program Overview

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