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Gray Wolf Ranch - Residential Treatment Center

The mission of Gray Wolf Ranch is to provide a natural, safe, and supportive setting for beginning a structured progression toward a sober lifestyle. Our program is based on two central concepts: that we live and work on recovery as a community, and that each person’s needs define their pathway to recovery. We believe that chemical dependency is treatable and that full recovery is possible. ... Gray Wolf Ranch Program Overview

Life Designs Ranch - Young Adult Program

Life Designs prepares young people for responsible adulthood, in an age when many students find college to be frightening at first and they are paralyzed by the challenges and choices in the “real world”. We specialize in leadership training and the transition into adulthood, where the foundation for autonomy is addressed and created. Life Designs offers a safe but challenging “homelike”... Life Designs Ranch Program Overview

Penrith Farms - Young Adult Program

Penrith Farms, a therapeutic community for young adults, was established in 1983 and offers a unique and innovative community designed to assist troubled and challenged young adults in the acquisition of essential life skills. Our residents learn the importance of personal accountability, effective communication, and appropriate coping skills while living in, and contributing to, a therapeutic, fa... Penrith Farms Program Overview

Odyssey Wilderness Programs - Wilderness Program

Odyssey Wilderness Programs is a highly developed and successful wilderness therapy program operating in the pristine backcountry areas of Washington State. The Odyssey mission is to promote positive experiences in wilderness by establishing a community of individuals through a safe, structured curriculum and environmentally sound practice. Odyssey students progress through distinct program phases... Odyssey Wilderness Programs Program Overview

Tamarack Center - Residential Treatment Center

Tamarack Center is a small 16-bed medical model residential psychiatric treatment for adolescents ages 12-17. Tamarack Center\'s mission focuses on providing individualized focused care in a safe and therapeutic atmosphere. At the base of Tamarack\'s treatment philosophy is the concept of relationships. It is our belief that through a healthy, developmentally appropriate relationship, youth can b... Tamarack Center Program Overview

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