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Alaska Youth Military Academy

Military School

Alaska Youth Military Academy Program Information

Gender: Male and Female
Ages: 16-19
Estimated Enrollment: First come first served
Length of Stay: 22 months
Program was founded in:
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Alaska Youth Military Academy Contact Information

PO Box 5727
Ft. Richardson, AK 99505
Phone: 907-375-5556
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Program Description:

The Alaska Military Youth Academy's ChalleNGe Program is designed to meet the life coping skills and educational needs of 16 to 19 year old Alaskans who will not turn 20 prior to graduation. The Youth ChalleNGe program is a 22 week residential school based on the traditional military training model.

Cadets are instructed in the following areas: Life Coping Skills, Academic Excellence, Job Skills, Responsible Citizenship, Leadership/Followership, Health & Hygiene, Physical Fitness, and Service to Community. In addition to these skills, cadets work toward the completion of a GED or High School Diploma.

The Alaska Military Youth Academy is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools as a Secondary Special Purpose School.

The academic program components are designed to meet the needs of students who have not been successful in a traditional secondary institution. Students are expected to set realistic goals that will result in earning a Department of Labor and Workforce Development High School Diploma, or when eligible, being awarded an Alaska Military Youth Academy High School Diploma.

The objective of the Challenge Program is to provide a variety of essential skills for obtaining and maintaining employment, developing an appreciation for community involvement, and decision-making for a safe and healthy lifestyle.

To accomplish this we combine proven military methods and teaching strategies into an intense, disciplined, and structured 17 1/2 month multi phase program. Phase I is 2 weeks of pre-challenge; Phase II is the 20 week residential challenge; followed by a 12-month post residential after-care program.

Training during the residential phase consists of eight core components, which are designed to assist the cadet in each critical phases of the program and achieve overall success. These core components are: pursuit of educational excellence; basic vocational skills training; life coping skills; responsible citizenship; health, nutrition and sex education; community involvement through volunteer service to others; leadership and followership; physical fitness; and team building skills development.

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development manages the High School equivalency program. The General Educational Development Test (GED) is one of the programs offered at the Academy for cadets to achieve their high school diploma. The exam consists of a battery of five tests: Language Arts Writing, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts Reading, and Math. An average score of 450 for all tests, with no individual test score below 410, is required for the award of a GED diploma.

If a cadet fails to complete or pass any test prior to graduation, he/she must first contact a member of the Academic staff to schedule a pre-test in the subject area. The new score must at least 50 points above the previous pre-test score before scheduling is completed. Testing for these students will normally take place on any Wednesday that the Academy is in session. Examinees must be seated in the testing room by 1:20 p.m. and present a picture identification card.
Cadet Services

The Alaska Military Youth Academy provides a broad range of support services to its ChalleNGe Program cadets. The goal is to assist students in successfully completing the demanding ChalleNGe course.

While enrolled in the AMYA ChalleNGe Program residential course, students will be provided meals, medical care, counseling, clothing, mission essential supplies, vision care and placement services at no cost. The Student Services Section also provides on-site GED testing services for ChalleNGe students.

Meals: Three nutritious meals are provided ChalleNGe Program students daily in the AMYA dining hall. The dining hall is located within walking distance of Academy barracks and classrooms. The Challenge Program participates in the National School Lunch Program.

Clothing & Supplies: The AMYA Supply Center is also located within walking distance of living and learning buildings. The Supply Center provides all ChalleNGe cadets with basic clothing and individual issue items, including, but not limited to: uniforms, bedding exchange services and necessary school and activity supplies.

Placement: The AMYA Placement Office provides continuing education, training, job and military enlistment services to all ChalleNGe Program students. These services begin early in each ChalleNGe course and continue for as long as the student needs. The Placement Office works closely with the Vocational Counselor and the Academy's Mentor Program coordinators to help residential and post-residential students find education, training, or employment when needed.

Counseling: AMYA offers drug and alcohol and psychological assessment and counseling on a case-by-case basis for ChalleNGe students. The school employs one full-time psychological counselor and one full-time drug and alcohol counselor to help students cope with individual short-term problems. Those needing recurring counseling appointments, in-patient psychological or psychiatric care, or those in need of monitored or medical drug or alcohol withdrawal help will be medically discharged from the ChalleNGe Program class and referred for help.

Medical Care: All students have access to needed medical care. The Academy has an established sick call regimen for students with non-emergency medical issues. Emergency medical attention is available 24 hours through local emergency facilities. All students accepted for a ChalleNGe course must provide medical insurance information, copies of existing prescriptions and medications at the time they arrive. Academy applicants and students are required to comply with all State of Alaska legal requirements regarding immunizations. Dental care is available for emergency matters only. Applicants needing dental work must have the work completed prior to the start of a ChalleNGe class.

Vision Therapy: The Academy provides a vision therapy program for any qualified ChalleNGe students. Vision therapy is a program designed to help students correct vision problems not requiring corrective lenses. Students are screened at or near the beginning of each class to see if Vision Therapy will help the students be more successful during their ChalleNGe class.

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