Are you aware of Teenage Violence?


Not much time has passed since the massacre which took place at Virginia Technical University where a teenage student opened fire killing several innocent students before he shot himself dead at the campus. The investigations revealed that the culprit student had been watching a lot of violent films and derived his âinspirationâ from them.

However, one aspect which needs to be pondered upon is why the youngsters, especially teenagers feel the need to resort to violence as a solution to all their problems.

The rising increase in school violence in the middle class community has managed to draw a lot of attention, both from the parents, peers and the society at large. Most of the youngsters seem to be too inspired from the media. Movies like âAustin Powersâ are one such classic example. These movies seem to be giving out a wrong impression that violence is a classic way to put an end to all the troubles.

Who is at risk?

Most of the teenagers who feel neglected at home, in school and among their peer groups are generally the ones who are at a higher risk of resorting to teenage violence. Such children often feel the need to get back at the society which has been unfair to them. Most of these teenagers are led to believe that these are some of the most justified methods to end these problems. Teenage violence is a serious issue. A teenager who has disproportioned sense of his life and society will not discriminate between children, old or young individual before violently hitting them.

What leads to teenage violence?

Incidents of teenage violence involve cases of violence against women, physical abuse and increased crime rate. Most of the individuals think that if a teenager is forced to resort to violence, the fault lies in his faulty upbringing or his school. However, studies reveal that these factors may not be entirely responsible. Some of the other factors which also can contribute to the teenager resorting to violence include:

Most of the students, who have been subjected to violent punishments in school, often treat the same method in order to give vent to their feelings. Parents and teachers fail to realize that rather than including physical punishments, it is better to resort to other alternatives. Elders can choose to punish their faulting teenagers by denying access to TV, going outs and entertainment for a certain period of time. This will help them to realize their folly without actually setting a bad example for them.

Most of the teenage bullies who resort to violence never realize their mistake if they are violently punished for their mistake. The best bet would be to make them give certain amount of time or money to the victim and apologize publicly.

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