Teen Behavior Problems


Teen behavioral problems usually stem from the lack of ability to cope with certain situations such as anger, anxiety, the need for attention, drug abuse, negative peer association, depression, low self-esteem, behavior disorders, traumatic events, or separation and abandonment issues. Many behavior disorders are a substantial cause for teen behavioral problems.

A few warning signs are:

Suite101 mentions that when developing a program for corrective behavior, Behavioral expectations should be clear and unambiguous, and teens in your program should be well aware of them. The first day of a new program year is a good time to review rules, even for veteran students. Or, if a particular issue keeps coming up, take that opportunity to go over applicable rules and consequences. Kids often need frequent reminders. If practical, have your group draw up its own behavioral expectations. This exercise gets kids thinking about appropriate behavior, and helps them take ownership for following the rules they helped create.

ehavior disorders in teens such as attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and oppositional defiance disorder are extremely common these days (some say overdiagnosed). Disruptive and defiant behavior of troubled teens is often blamed on one of these behavior disorders.

If you suspect your teen of having a behavior disorder, please consult a physician or therapist. We recommend options for parents of teens with behavior disorders. These options include a variety of treatment centers, specialty schools, and youth programs. These options are effective in treatment of behavior disorders.

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