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Auldern Academy

Personal Growth Boarding School

Auldern Academy Program Information

Gender: Girls only
Ages: 14-18
Grades: 9-12
Estimated Enrollment: 48
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 2001
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Auldern Academy Contact Information

990 Glovers Grove Church Rd.
Siler City, NC 27344
Phone: 919-837-2336
Fax: (919) 837-5284
School Contact: Barbara Bisso
Alternative Contact: Jane Samuel
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

The staff and faculty members of Auldern Academy understand that caring relationships have the power to educate and heal.

The intimate, nurturing environment of our all girls boarding school is designed to foster such relationships, where students quickly build healthy, lasting friendships with each other and develop supportive connections with faculty and staff members. The result is a warm, emotionally safe school environment where students meet with confidence the challenges of rigorous academics and family relationships.

Our student program consists of three overlapping components, the Academic Program, the Counseling Services Program, and the Student Life Program. This tripartite approach reflects our commitment to meeting the needs of the whole student, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Academic Program
It is the goal of our Academic Program to provide students with an education that prepares them for complex college and workplace competencies. The faculty of Auldern Academy strives to prepare students for these challenges through small classes, a mix of traditional and progressive approaches and intensive teacher support and coaching.

Counseling Services Program
By providing an integrated vision of our students’ goals and progress, the Counseling Services Department fosters accountability and encourages students to remain focused on critical life goals. Here students learn to balance personal priorities with community priorities. This balance is essential to their future success in college and beyond.

Student Life Program
The mission of the Student Life Department at Auldern Academy is to prepare students for the social and independent-living challenges of college life. For many college freshmen the day to day social and environmental challenges, rather than academic challenges, present the greatest obstacle to success. The Student Life Department challenges students to balance the responsibilities of independence with those of community membership.

At Auldern, our goal is to not only help you grow academically and emotionally, but also culturally and socially. We want you to be prepared for the rest of your life – on every level. We believe that a large part of preparing for life is making friends, building relationships and learning to adapt.

The warmth and beauty of our campus immediately puts new students at ease. You will be welcomed by a “Big Sister” who helps you settle into her room, school and activities. She will be the first of many friends. With the change of each season you will come to feel that Auldern is your home away from home.

The expression “a place for everything and everything in its place” takes a twist at AuldernAcademy where we believe that every person has a place. Whether you are interested in the arts, athletics, technology or quiet pursuits you will find something that fits you here. Our Student Life Department is dedicated to keeping you engaged, engrossed and learning. We take frequent trips to area sporting events, festivals, live performances, museums and shopping centers. You will have opportunities to become involved in the local community, lending your gifts to others through our Community Service program.

As you discover who you are and you can then decide what you want to become. Your life is about living and learning to be healthy and we want to help you do that.

Academics Come First

At Auldern Academy academics come first. Our curriculum is rigorous and our attention to the individual learning needs of our students is unparalleled.The faculty of Auldern Academy excels at helping students who have fallen behind academically to catch up to their peers. The students are able to gain ground quickly by participating in flexible programming. Our girls boarding school offers one-quarter and one-half credit courses, and allows students to take classes out of sequence if necessary. Girls may also work to catch up during a Summer Program.Open enrollment allows parents to place their daughters with us throughout the year.

We understand that math is an unavoidably sequential subject so Auldern Academy offers an in-house math tutor to help mid-year enrollees to catch up quickly.Each of the four grades taught at Auldern Academy are considered college preparatory and include Honors and AP coursework. Our small classes rarely exceed ten girls; therefore each student enjoys a high level of interaction, communication and one-on-one time with her teachers. A personal faculty advisor is assigned to each student and assists with academic planning. The advisor communicates with parents, staff and referring professionals regarding the student’s progress. Auldern strives for 100% college acceptance of our students.

An Emphasis on Emotional Growth

Philosophy and Objectives
Auldern provides regular support in the form of individual and group therapy, specialty groups, and workshops that serves as the framework for achieving emotional, social, and character development goals. The goal of this department is to coordinate efforts with all other departments, both Academic and Student Life, to assure that student goals are achieved and challenges effectively addressed.

Auldern Academy has a team of master’s level clinicians with a variety of backgrounds, whose job it is to deliver individual and group therapy, specialty groups and workshops as well as provide parent support, and communicates student information to all necessary parties. As with all aspects of the Auldern Academy program, the efforts of the Counseling Services Department are aimed at fostering the skills and character required for success in future schools, at home and in college. The therapists unify the efforts of the student, staff, family members, and referring professionals so that all parties can support the student’s personal growth goals.

The Counseling Services Department fosters accountability and encourages the student to remain focused on critical life goals. Students learn to balance the demands of personal integrity and conviction with those of cooperation, relationship, and community. This balance is essential to their future success in school, college and beyond.

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