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Elan School

Boarding School

Elan School Program Information

Gender: Coeducational
Ages: 12 to 19
Grades: 7 to 12
Estimated Enrollment: 110
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 1970
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Elan School Contact Information

PO Box 578
Provo, UT 84601
Phone: (207) 998-4666
Fax: (207) 998-4660
School Contact: Connie Kimball
Alternative Contact: Sharon Terry
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

At Elan School, our purpose is not to change an ill-behaved child into a well-behaved child, but rather to return home a responsible young adult. We combine firm structure and individualized attention with the goal of mainstreaming our students back into high school, technical school, college, or directly into employment. Students receive the help they need to get their lives back on track and achieve goals they never thought would be within their reach.

Elan School accepts referrals from parents/legal guardians, school districts, government agencies, therapists, educational consultants, psychologists, psychiatrists, and anyone with a personal or professional interest in the student. Elan's Admissions Staff can assist you with determining appropriateness of your child.

The Elan School Admissions Department must have the following information in order to consider a student:

• Current Psychological Evaluation

• Educational Records

• Application for Admission

• Discharge Summaries if previously placed

• Report Cards (7th and 8th Grade)

• Transcripts (9th to Present Grade)

Questions of appropriateness are resolved via phone calls; occasionally an interview is required. If Elan's criteria are met, the referral source is notified, first by phone, and then in writing; funding is verified (if privately placed, Elan's Financial Statement is required); and details of admission are finalized.

In order to maximize understanding of the Elan School program, parents receive a comprehensive tour before admission. The tour includes a visit through one of the houses, escorted by an Elan student who will explain the details of the program and answer any questions you may have. You will also meet with representatives from our Clinical Department, Medical, Education and Admissions.

By the date of admission, school transcripts, birth certificate, immunization records, medical authorizations, health insurance information, and applicable legal documents (i.e. court order or divorce decree pertaining to custody and visitation) are required.

Please note that interviews, tours of the school's campus and admissions are conducted weekdays, excluding legal holidays, by appointment only.

If you are interested in learning more about our program at Elan or would like an application and brochure packet sent to you, please contact the Elan School Admissions Department.

Constance Kimball
Connie began her career in the insurance industry. During her tenure there, she served on the Customer Service Committee. After nearly a decade in the Insurance industry, Connie held the position of Executive Assistant to the founder of Élan. Her extraordinary interpersonal and organizational skills made her a perfect fit when the position of Admissions Director became available.

Our School:
-Elan School accepts adolescents with emotional, behavioral or adjustment problems .
-Elan School is a co-educational, independent, residential, special-purpose school, serving grades 8 through 12.
-Students are admitted year round at Elan School; average stay is 24 to 30 months.
-Classes at Elan School are held during evening hours and are kept small, maximum of 12 students
-Elan School is a closed SAT site
-Uses a Life Skills Curriculum that teaches students to permanently change attitudes and life patterns
-Elan School stresses a work ethic; teaching personal responsibility, honesty, self-control and patience.
-We have an active athletic program (teams have won several state championships in many sports)
-Provides intensive group sessions; individual sessions are on an as-needed basis
-Elan School successfully places 80% of its high school graduates in post-secondary schools.
-Students at Elan School may be able to earn up to three years of high school credits in a two year period .
-Annual fees for a 12 month year of $54,960.60

Elan School stresses a strong work ethic throughout the program. Each promotion within the job hierarchy engages new privileges, responsibilities, and increased status. If an elan School students fail to perform with initiative, they participate in additional group sessions. If they are unsuccessful following additional group interventions, students are demoted. Demotions provide an opportunity to function under adversity as they learn to manage failure and disappointment, fundamental to resilience. Staff teaching and direction, together with peer support and peer pressure, combine to demonstrate, encourage and enforce constructive resilient behavior.

Personal and social problems are often explored and resolved in groups, wherein Elan students learn about themselves and their impact. The groups teach sensitivity to the needs and problems of others; they also foster getting in touch with one's own feelings, understanding what elicits them, and controlling some of the acts engendered by them. Acting out behaviors are examined in powerful group sessions where the expression of feelings is strongly encouraged. Students learn to manage anger and stress and resolve conflicts, thereby improving peer relationships, often learning how to become friends.

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