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La Amistad - Residential Treatment Center

La Amistad provides the kind of healthcare that patients recommend to families and friends, physicians prefer for their patients, and in which our employees take great pride. We realize this vision through our commitment to the following principles: service excellence, continuous improvement in measurable ways, employee development, ethical and fair treatment for all, and compassion and innovatio... La Amistad Program Overview

Pasadena Villa - Residential Treatment Facility

Pasadena Villa is a residential treatment facility for adults and young adults with mental illness, and those with co-occurring issues, including substance abuse, developmental disorders and Aspergers Syndrome. We provide a comprehensive program of education, support and therapy in a dynamic environment supported by many amenities. Pasadena Villa, located in the “cultural corridor” of Orla... Pasadena Villa Program Overview

Advanced Recovery Center - Transitional Independent Living Program

Advanced Recovery Center is committed to treating highly complex patients in an extended residential setting. ARC offers therapeutically beneficial, cost effective treatment and provides a sophisticated clinical team who possess the expertise to manage complex patients in a less restrictive environment.

Advanced Recover Center accepts males and females, 17.5 years and older, who have a hist... Advanced Recovery Center Program Overview

Coral Reef Academy - Residential Treatment Center

Life in America can be hectic and confusing. Because we are located on the island of Upolu, Samoa everything about us is unique. Not only is Samoa beautiful, it is unspoiled, unhurried, and uncluttered. This is where our student’s first steps on the road to recovery begin. Our therapeutic milieu is structured so the student will understand why he is there and what goals need to be met.

Coral Reef Academy Program Overview

National Deaf Academy, LLC - Residential Treatment Center

National Deaf Academy (NDA) is a 132-bed residential treatment center serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing children, adolescents and adults with a wide range of psychiatric and behavioral problems.

NDA serves an extremely diverse, and at times, neurologically complicated population in a safe, therapeutic, home-like environment that promotes an understanding of Deafness and is free from communica... National Deaf Academy, LLC Program Overview

Eckerd Academy at Brooksville - Outdoor Therapeutic Program

Eckerd Youth Alternatives is a national leader in outdoor therapeutic treatment programs for troubled youth. Eckerd Youth Alternative\'s Eckerd Academy is a positive, nurturing, highly effective outdoor residential treatment program for boys and girls. Eckerd Youth Alternatives is a national leader in outdoor therapeutic treatment programs for troubled youth. Eckerd Youth Alternatives’ Ecker... Eckerd Academy at Brooksville Program Overview

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