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In Balance Ranch Academy

Therapeutic Boarding School

In Balance Ranch Academy Program Information

Gender: Boys Only
Ages: 13 - 17.5
Grades: 9-12
Estimated Enrollment: 44
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 2004
Accreditations: Affiliations:

In Balance Ranch Academy Contact Information

6151 East Grant Road
Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: (520) 722-9631
Fax: (520) 722-9676
School Contact: Betsy Barrasso
Alternative Contact: Patrick Barrasso
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

The In Balance Ranch Academy, based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and research-based relapse prevention models, is a high quality therapeutic boarding school for adolescent boys 13 – 17.5 years of age.

In Balance Ranch Academy is a therapeutic boarding school developed around a clinically sophisticated model that effectively blends traditional therapy and the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Additionally, the program incorporates research-based relapse prevention techniques, equine therapy and other experiential treatment modalities. In Balance Ranch serves young men, ages 13-17, who are suffering from addiction and other co-occurring disorders.

Located in beautiful southern Arizona, less than one hour from Tucson, In Balance Ranch offers an atmosphere conducive to self-reflection and serenity. Our program provides young men with a unique experience that inspires self-evaluation, discovery and growth. Most importantly, our program offers the invaluable gift of recovery from chemical dependency and other mental health challenges.

In Balance Ranch Academy provides:

-Individual, group, and family therapy
-A comprehensive and integrated 12-Step-based recovery program
-Family education and support
-Equine assisted therapy
-Experiential, adventure-based therapy
-Individualized academic program designed to ensure success
-College prep courses – SAT/ACT testing preparation
-College application counseling and assistance
-Leadership and motivational training
-Wilderness "success" programs
-"Recovery through Service" projects
-A positive peer culture
-Family Workshop Weekends three times per year
-Once a year trip abroad

Program Overview

In Balance Ranch Academy provides a comprehensive combination of services designed to allow each young man and his family to reach their full potential. Unlike most programs that only focus on a few treatment modalities, In Balance Ranch fully incorporates several treatment methods to ensure that the unique needs of each student are met. The core competencies create a dynamic model that motivate and challenge our students. Because several components are incorporated, the diverse interests of each student can be met and they are able to find a niche within the community. Throughout the process of treatment, the student and his family are encouraged to examine the core of who they are and to envision who they can become.

Therapeutic Services

In Balance Ranch clinical services are provided by experienced therapists who bring a diverse range of competencies to their clinical work. Several treatment modalities are used to ensure that the multidimensional aspects of cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of each student are addressed. Clinical work includes the family as our program understands and believes that addiction is a family disease and in order to treat the addiction, the family must be treated as a whole.

Therapeutic Services Include:

*Weekly individual therapy with experienced master’s level therapists
*Bi-weekly family therapy
*Daily group therapy to include a variety of issues:
*Grief and Loss
*Trauma Recovery
*Family Issues
*Depression and Anxiety
*Divorce Recovery
*Sexuality and Relationships
*Adoption and Attachment Issues
*Psychiatric services when indicated (provided by Dr. Kevin Leehy,
*Relapse prevention classes
*Educational classes on the dynamics of recovery

Twelve-Step Recovery

In Balance Ranch Academy uses 12-step recovery helps students understand and manage addictions, gain a sense of community, explore spiritual principles as a means to solve their problems, and gain a sense of absolute accountability for their actions. Members from the outside community of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous volunteer to conduct meetings with the students on-site at the Ranch. Additionally, students are taken off campus to meetings and attend large weekend conferences of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous. Students work the steps with staff that are in recovery, with other students who have more experience in the program, and with students visiting from our Transitional Living program in Tucson. These “sponsors” help them understand how working the steps can create ongoing positive change in their lives.

Twelve-Step Recovery Includes:

-Several on-site AA meetings per week with qualified staff and community volunteers
-12-step study groups with staff and students
-Off campus trips to AA and NA meetings
-Opportunities for students to build supportive relationships with “sponsors” thereby practicing the skills that will be their lifeline to sobriety after graduating from the Ranch
-Young People in AA conference trips to LA or other locations; networking with thousands of youth and gaining inspiration from young people having fun in sobriety.

Family Education & Reintegration

In Balance Ranch views addiction as a family disease in which it is necessary to treat the entire family in order to begin making positive changes in each individual. Family dynamics contribute to the addiction and to the recovery, so it is imperative that family members gain insight into their processes so they can begin to heal both individually and as a family unit. There are several opportunities throughout each student’s treatment in which the family is actively involved so that the healing and reunification process can begin. Family visitation is encouraged and crucial, so the family can have several opportunities to work face-to-face with their son and begin to repair the broken relationships that have ensued over the course of the addiction process.

Family Systems Component Includes:

-Bi-weekly family therapy
-Weekly home phone calls
-Weekly updates from therapist
-Family requirement to work an active Al-Anon program
-Required reading list for families that include all aspects of the healing process
-Therapeutic work for siblings
-Focus on the reintegration of student back into the home post-treatment, including strengthening support networks, sponsorship, therapy, and outpatient treatment

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