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Life Designs Ranch

Young Adult Program

Life Designs Ranch Program Information

Gender: Coeducational
Ages: 18 to 26
Grades: Optional High School/GED
Estimated Enrollment: 14
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 1998
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Life Designs Ranch Contact Information

10302 N. LeClerc Rd
Cusick, WA 99119
Phone: (509) 445-0185
Fax: (208) 439-4422
School Contact: Angela Ritter (509) 671-2487
Alternative Contact: Vince Barranco (509) 445-0666
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Life Designs prepares young people for responsible adulthood, in an age when many students find college to be frightening at first and they are paralyzed by the challenges and choices in the “real world”. We specialize in leadership training and the transition into adulthood, where the foundation for autonomy is addressed and created. Life Designs offers a safe but challenging “homelike” environment where this important introspective journey can take place.

The transition into adulthood is a confusing and challenging process. It is a time developmentally where young people re-evaluate their values and beliefs as they begin to define themselves and their path in life. Life Designs Ranch is a self-empowerment and leadership training center that mentors and supports 18-26 year olds during this transformative journey.Our Mission at Life Designs Ranch is “Empowering Young Adults.” We believe “every moment is a teachable moment.” Our trained staff uses an experiential training model to make work, relationships, community, recreation, art, music, and nature their classroom.


Life Design uses a 12-step model to help students with addiction issues or other destructive behavior patterns. Research shows that it is vital for a person in recovery to replace addictive behaviors with something more meaningful in their lives. Nature and experiential activities are used as a medium to allow students to connect with a power greater than themselves.These practices along with life skills, animal care, and self-discovery create powerful and meaningful experiences in the lives of these young adults. This in turn helps to create a foundation in recovery.Students are encouraged to take 100% responsibility for their actions while practicing rigorous honesty. This allows them to live their values, and walk with integrity through their lives.During their stay they are also guided to develop a passion or hobby that inspires them to dream and create.


Quality of life is greatly increased when it incorporates fun and leisure, as well as those things that "feed the soul." At Life Designs Ranch students are encouraged to create balance between work, hobbies and passions that excite and inspire them. One day a week students are supported in pursuing their passions and incorporating them into their lifestyle. They are encouraged to hone their skills during weekends, evenings, and their free time.Life Designs Ranch offers a fully equipped music and art studio, animal husbandry, woodworking, acres of land for exploration, as well as many other options. Close proximity to ski resorts and the Pend O'reille River and Lake, provide a great variety of choices for the outdoor oriented: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, camping, waterskiing, wakeboarding, fishing, kyaking, and white water rafting.

Parent ParticipationThe positive passage into adulthood requires change for both the young person and their parents. This is why the parents of Life Designs' students are actively involved in the progression of their launching adult and their own mid-life transition. The role of the parent is:Be a vital part of the transition team.
Practice being a "consultant" rather than "manager" to their young person. Be a powerful example of how to do life changes.

Parent participation includes:
Read and do expansion assignments from the Life Designs Parent E-letter
Bimonthly staff/parent updates and strategies
Staff, parent, adult child conference calls
Complete the "Empowering and Launching Young Adults" Parent Workshop
3 to 7 day Rite of Passage
Additional commitments if an intervention is necessary

"Empowering and Launching Young Adults" Parent WorkshopParents play a vitally important part in empowering young adults into self-reliant independence. This three day training equips parents with the understanding and tools to become positive mentors through this life transition. Participants learn how to authenticate, empower, launch and reconnect with their adult children. The transformative skills experienced in this workshop will help parents to breathe easier and enrich their lives while providing what their adult children need to succeed. The training does not end with the workshop. Graduates receive a workbook to reinforce the skills and can participate in a weekly teleconference support call. The Parent Workshop is facilitated by Randy and Colleen Russell, the founders of Life Designs. They bring a wealth of experience and training in life transitions, launching young adults, women's journeys, and indigenous wisdom. They come with over 40 years of experience and Master's training in Transpersonal Psychology, Education, Youth Ministry and Recreation. These workshops are open to the general public, including educators, educational consultants, coaches and therapists.

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