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Montcalm School For Boys

Therapeutic Boarding School & Residential Treatment Center

Montcalm School For Boys Program Information

Gender: Boys only
Ages: 12 to 18; STL Program through 21
Grades: 6 to 12
Estimated Enrollment: 70
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 2000
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Montcalm School For Boys Contact Information

13725 Starr Commonwealth Rd.
Albion, MI 49224
Phone: (866) 244-4321
Fax: (517) 629-4650
School Contact: Janne Byrens
Alternative Contact: Norman Ostrum
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Montcalm School is a residential treatment program of Starr Commonwealth. Established in 1913, Starr Commonwealth is a pioneer and leader in child welfare practices and therapeutic treatment of troubled youth. Growth over the years, and a firm belief that all children have strengths and value, culminates in an internationally recognized treatment program.

At Montcalm Schools, you’ll find professionals who not only understand the struggle she’s had, but the one you’re having too. Taking this step is not an easy one but take heart - the journey it begins leads to hope, healing and peace.

Montcalm School for Girls is a therapeutic boarding school for girls ages 12-18. We accept students from across the country and internationally. You've found a Starr Private Treatment Program located in scenic Van Wert, Ohio.

How We Think
There’s no such thing as a bad child (SM). This key phrase, coined by our founder, Floyd Starr nearly a century ago, is the inspiration behind everything we do. Our non-profit, private referral school and treatment program for girls 12-18 is built on the proven tenets of Starr Commonwealth, one of the oldest and most respected children’s organizations in the country.

Healing without Hurting
You may have come across schools that rely on point systems that punish and reward to “fix” behavior or programs based on the “tear them down to build them up” approach. We believe that a treatment program built on fear only compounds problems. At Montcalm, there are no threatening bars on the windows. There are no grim “time out” rooms. We treat kids with dignity, respect and a confidence that they will rise to meet our expectations.

Look for What’s Possible
Every child has strengths. They may be hidden behind oppositional behaviors. They may be hidden in them. At Montcalm, we believe when you look for something positive, you’ll find it. The industry term for this approach is “strength-based” and it’s grounded in the theory that every child is good at something, even if it’s hard to see.

Power of the Peer Group
Nobody has the right to hurt and everybody has the responsibility to help. There’s a culture of caring at Montcalm and you’ll see it everywhere. There is no ganging up here or deliberate provoking to get a reaction. This is a safe, nurturing environment where a girl can let her guard down and learn to trust.

Part of Something Bigger
Helping young people develop a stronger foundation of social interest allows them to discover in themselves what it really means to be connected to the world they live in. It’s that “missing piece” that solidifies a strong and healthy self-concept. At Montcalm, students are not only encouraged and guided to help other group members in daily activities, but to join together as a group to help people in their communities.

Embracing Family
We believe that any therapeutic treatment program for youth that doesn’t include the family is missing one of the most critical components. That’s why frequent parent contact - including campus visits, home visits when appropriate, phone calls, letters, e-mails, even video-conferencing – is not only welcomed but encouraged.

Montcalm Crossroads structured transitional living (STL), an alternative program of Montcalm School for Boys in Albion, Michigan, is designed to help students make the transition from cottage life to a more independent living environment. These teens typically have exited a traditional residental treatment program and may be transitioning back into the community, going to college or simply returning to their family.

Youth in Montcalm Crossroads live in on-campus apartments in a home-like setting where they have the chance to learn, with supervision, the realities of budgeting, shopping, cooking, cleaning and managing time. Students are likely to have a job on or off campus and several are enrolled in entry-level classes at Kellogg Community College. The unique Crossroads program features:

-A safe, secure environment with staff present 24/7
-A dedicated staff of daytime independent living specialists and evening staff
-An in-house case management specialist providing individual counseling and group work
assistance helping teens connect with outside services like churches, schools, etc...
-Staff works with family and Educational Consultants to identify the best next step for teen
-College, technical school or work program located on the beautiful campus of Starr Commonwealth with access to gym facilities and the lakefront

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