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Oxbow Academy

Residential Treatment Center

Oxbow Academy Program Information

Gender: Boys Only
Ages: 13 - 17
Grades: 9 - 12
Estimated Enrollment: 24
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 2007
Accreditations: Affiliations:

Oxbow Academy Contact Information

95 North State HC
Box 4245
Wales, UT 84667
Phone: 435-436-9460
Fax: 435-436-9465
School Contact: Gregg Lott, LCSW
Alternative Contact: Shawn Brooks
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

Oxbow Academy is not a troubled teen boot camp. We are the premier provider of residential treatment for teenage boys struggling with a variety of behavioral problems that also include sexual concerns.

Unlike other struggling teen programs, Oxbow Academy bases the student’s length of stay on therapeutic need and progress. Progress will be measured not just in therapy sessions but also in practical daily living skills, academic effort, and in social interactions with peers, staff and family members.

Located in rural central Utah, Oxbow Academy Staff have been helping troubled teen boys for over a decade. Hundreds of families have trusted us to help their sons develop healthy coping and living skills.

Our students are often described as socially awkward or fragile. They struggle with a variety of behavioral problems, including depression, anxiety, reactive attachment, autistic spectrum, substance abuse, ADHD, etc. What makes our program unique is that all of our students also struggle with sexual behavioral concerns.

At Oxbow Academy, we provide a safe, supervised environment for your son to address all of his behavioral issues. We use a holistic therapeutic approach that recognizes although his behaviors are serious; your son is still a developing adolescent. He needs opportunities to grow and develop mentally, socially, physically, emotionally, and academically.

Addressing sexual behavioral issues can be an overwhelming experience. Parents are concerned their sons will be wrongly labeled. They are uncertain where to find help and worry treatment programs will surround their child with other adolescents with severe sexually aggressive behaviors. We want to assure you this will not happen at Oxbow Academy.

Oxbow Academy is a residential treatment center specializing in troubled teen boys ages 13-17 who, in addition to sexual issues, may also struggle with depression, ADHD, adoption, self-abuse, or other family concerns. Our experience over the years suggests that sexual issues among youth are seldom the primary problem. Rather they are usually symptomatic of other core issues. Oxbow Academy helps students address all of their behavioral struggles.

You don’t have to be afraid or ashamed. We can help you find the help your son needs. Thank you for the courage to face the behavioral problems your son is dealing with. We understand this is an extremely difficult time for your family. We look forward to being able to offer you and your family hope and healing.

We have worked with hundreds of troubled teens and have seen very positive results in students who have worked hard. At Oxbow Academy, your son will be able to address all of his issues in a safe environment supervised by clinicians who are Masters level or higher and are licensed mental health professionals with specialized training in sexual dependency issues.

At Oxbow Academy, therapeutic progress is not measured simply by the amount of time a student spends in counseling. Our holistic approach evaluates his participation and progress in therapy, in residential living, in academia and also in his communication and interactions with his peers, staff and family. Treatment will be challenging for your son. It will require honesty, commitment to the program, and a willingness to risk... the rewards from his efforts will change his life.

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