Parenting Defiant Teens Is Not Easy


As they say - expect the unexpected in our times. Parenting defiant teens is becoming a common problem these days. Such teenagers are often quite frustrated with every body around them and get provoked at even the slightest of things.

Angry kids

Parenting defiant teens is very difficult. They show defiance at the most minor of things. They hate being opposed and feel that they are no less than their parents in terms of intelligence and authority. There are many signs of their defiance - they are always angry and trying to put the blame for many things on other people. They are usually very rude in their interactions with others people like their friends and parents. Most of the times, such children become a challenge to manage through normal parenting ways. They also refuse to take orders from any one else including their parents.

Argue with parents

Nobody can actually find out what is wrong with these kids. Parenting defiant teens is a problem because they are quite adamant and often display what can be called as explosive behavior. The parents of such kids are quite scared in setting limits or rules for their children. When the teens learn about such rules, they openly defy them and even get angry, creating anarchy in the house. You can ignore such defiant behavior of the teen by thinking that it is a common pattern of the adolescent age. When adults make the teens realize their own behavior, they retort by bringing the parentâs own behavior into attention. Most of the times they also manipulate the situation narrated by parents to their own advantage. Defiance is a very normal reaction of any teen these days, but any aggressive behavior cannot be put in the category of normal behavior. Parenting defiant teens therefore requires a different approach.

Lack of attention from parents

Parenting defiant teens and controlling their behavior is not possible through normal parenting ways. There are many factors that lead to such rebellious behavior from children. One of it can be a complete lack of attention from any parent. Such behavior can also be caused by many serious factors like rejection by friends, poor self-image and sibling rivalry. Even past debacles in life hovering in their memories can be responsible for the behavior of such teenagers. They want to get over with their own depressions and show defiant behaviors to prove to themselves that they are exceptional and cool. All of us have displayed this behavior at some point in our lives. However, it can also be possible that your teen is most probably suffering from ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) if he/she is getting too rude these days.

For parenting defiant teens effectively, it is better that you take your child to a child behavioral analyst. They can tell you how to regulate the behavior of such a child so as to get him involved in the family. The reason for such behavior may also be a lack in brain chemistry of the child. The teenager may be reacting in such a way because of the way he/she has been raised by the family. Your own reaction to your childâs behavior can also be a cause of such rebellious nature of the child.

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