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RedCliff Ascent

Wilderness Program

RedCliff Ascent Program Information

Gender: Coeducational & single gender groups
Ages: 13 to 17, 18 -24
Grades: n/a
Estimated Enrollment: 6 to 9 per group
Length of Stay:
Program was founded in: 1993
Accreditations: Affiliations:

RedCliff Ascent Contact Information

PO Box 1027
709 East Main
Enterprise, UT 84725
Phone: (800) 898-1244
Fax: (801) 491-2279
School Contact: Steve Nadauld
Alternative Contact: Scott Petersen
Therapy Provided?: Yes

Program Description:

RedCliff Ascent is a high impact, therapeutic wilderness treatment program. After a decade and the treatment of thousands of at-risk youth, RedCliff remains committed to providing a life changing, therapeutic experience for troubled teenagers and their families. Our focus has been on the continued development of innovative programming in a safe, secure, and nurturing therapeutic environment. RedCliff has fostered an atmosphere where adolescents are treated with respect, dignity, and love, while meeting their individual treatment needs.

Welcome to RedCliff Ascent, a wilderness therapy program for troubled teens age 13 to 17 years. For young adults age 18 to 25 years, see our Medicine Wheel program. For over 15 years RedCliff has helped thousands of troubled teens and their families find a new beginning through wilderness therapy.

Teens are exposed to an environment where drugs, violence, sex, money and peer pressure are an ever-present force that affects both their behavior and perception of life. Today's teens are more protected and sheltered from the consequences of their behavior than ever before.

To answer the demands for today's youth, RedCliff has developed a wilderness therapy program that will help them put life in perspective and deal with the issues and problems that currently govern their existence. RedCliff has proven to be instrumental in helping thousands of troubled teenagers gain a new perspective on life while achieving things they never thought possible.

Most important, our hope and our mission is to help find some solutions to the crisis parents face at home with a troubled teens. If our wilderness therapy program does not meet the needs of a student, we will recommend other treatment options or educational consultants to help find an appropriate placement for your child. Find out if Redcliff Ascent is a good fit for your child.

About The Program

Intake/Acclimation Period
The students arrive at the RedCliff Ascent field and operations center in Enterprise Utah. Here they will be fitted with the appropriate clothing and provided the necessary outdoor equipment for the adventure. After being oriented to the program rules and expectations, the student will be transported to the acclimation group where they will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the environment. During the acclimation period, students are given a complete physical examination to assure there are no pre-existing conditions that may prohibit participation in the program. They will undergo a psychosocial evaluation by the treating therapist after which a treatment plan will be developed. A full comprehensive psychological evaluation is available upon need or request as an ancillary charge. Once the orientation, evaluation, and treatment plan have been completed, the students are prepared to enter a group in progress.

Parental Involvement
Through the years, RedCliff has helped thousands of struggling teenagers who have been admitted into our program. We have also had hundreds of parents request resources or programs that would help them prepare for the re-integration of the family and establish a foundation to promote continued understanding and progress. Parental participation and involvement is a critical part of the treatment process. Because it is not feasible for parents to visit the program regularly due to distance and cost, we have identified five different elements of participation that will contribute to the treatment process and the next transitional step.

Troubled Youth Treatment: Is this for my child?
Sending your troubled youth to a program hundreds of miles away to work on a child behavior problem can be a difficult and sometimes traumatic decision for parents. Most parents have arrived at a point of hopelessness dealing with their troubled youth. By the time they begin the search for a program, the child's behavior problems have escalated to an unbearable level. To add to the confusion, there are hundreds of programs scattered across the country to choose from and they all promise to help you with your child's behavior problem. At RedCliff Ascent, it is our hope that parents will take the time to research the most appropriate program for their troubled youth. We have posted a lot of information on our site to help parents through the research process. Our professional consultants are available to help you when you desire. Please don't hesitate to call if you have questions and or concerns regarding the most appropriate placement for your difficult teenager.

Thank you for inquiring into RedCliff Ascent's Outdoor Treatment Program for youth. We know how stressful and overwhelming the decision to place your child in the care of someone else can be. It is with this in mind that we hope to provide you with information that will assist you in making an informed decision during such a trying time. If it is determined that our program is not the best choice, we can refer you to a network of educational consultants that can help you find an appropriate placement for your child.

Financial Information
RedCliff Ascent's published daily rates are:

First 1-30 days - $440.00 per day
Second 31-60 days - $400.00 per day
After 61 days - $325.00 per day
RedCliff requires a 30-day minimum length of stay (see Program Philosophy). Tuition for the first 30 days is $13,200.00. Included in the daily rate are the physical examination, treatment plan development, psychosocial assessment, intensive acclimation supervision, and individual and group therapy sessions. There is an additional one-time charge of $1,000.00 for clothing and equipment where everything needed for the experience is provided. Admission counselors are available to help with any questions or concerns.

RedCliff Ascent will assist parents with health insurance billing. We have been successful in collecting some insurance money (assuming the clinical information rises to the level of medical necessity). Please contact an admissions counselor for more details around specific insurance issues.

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