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Alpine Academy - Residential Treatment Center

At first glance, you\'ll know Alpine Academy is different. Our campus is located in a rural farming community at the base of a spectacular mountain range with views of the Great Salt Lake. We believe our peaceful location is part of what makes our healing process work - the open spaces, clean air, and beautiful mountains help create a calm and safe environment where change can occur. Although ... Alpine Academy Program Overview

Aspen Achievement Academy - Wilderness Program

Aspen Achievement Academy is a licensed treatment program that integrates an accredited academic component, a sophisticated therapeutic model, and an experiential education curriculum in a healing wilderness environment. Aspen Academy recently participated in a landmark study of wilderness therapy that showed a dramatic improvement in teen behavior after participation in this type of program. T... Aspen Achievement Academy Program Overview

Aspen Ranch - Residential Treatment Center

Aspen Ranch is a \"therapeutic community.\" Every day in our family-like atmosphere provides therapeutic learning.Aspen Ranch is a licensed adolescent residential treatment center for troubled teens located in rural Loa, Utah, about three hours south of Salt Lake City. Aspen Ranch is surrounded by towering green mountains and incredible red rock desert which offers a great alternative to school fo... Aspen Ranch Program Overview

Birdseye Boys Ranch - Residential Treatment Program

The Birdseye Boys Ranch (BBR) is located in the rural, mountain community of Birdseye, approximately 30 miles south of Provo, Utah. The 55-acre ranch has a beautiful mountainous backdrop and an abundance of clean air, wildlife, and recreational opportunities. The surrounding area consists of land governed by the Division of Wildlife Resources, the Federal Bureau of Land Management, Manti-La Sal Na... Birdseye Boys Ranch Program Overview

Cedar Ridge Academy - Therapeutic Boarding School

Cedar Ridge is a coeducational therapeutic school that specializes in working with youth who have issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, childhood trauma, school problems, relationship problems, mild to moderate substance abuse, ADD/ADHD, and anger management problems. We do not admit students with physical aggression issues, conduct disorder, a history of self-harm or running away,... Cedar Ridge Academy Program Overview

Center for Change - Inpatient & Residential Treatment for Eating Disorders & Co-Exist

Center for Change is devoted to providing a warm and caring atmosphere for those suffering from anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating and providing intensive treatment that gives hope, healing, and recovery towards a full and meaningful life. Our programs are founded upon three basic principles: 1) eating disorders are learned behaviors and therefore can be unlearned; 2) everyone has the capacit... Center for Change Program Overview

Discovery Academy - Therapeutic Boarding School

Located at the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah, in one of America\'s safest communities, the Discovery Academy is a wonderful place for bright but failing teens 13 to 18 years of age. Discovery Academy is a fully-accredited coed, treatment oriented, boarding school designed to help teenagers that are failing at school, at home, and within the community. For over two decades we ... Discovery Academy Program Overview

Elan School - Boarding School

At Elan School, our purpose is not to change an ill-behaved child into a well-behaved child, but rather to return home a responsible young adult. We combine firm structure and individualized attention with the goal of mainstreaming our students back into high school, technical school, college, or directly into employment. Students receive the help they need to get their lives back on track and a... Elan School Program Overview

Heritage Schools - Residential Treatment Center

Heritage is a private, not-for-profit, long term psychiatric residential treatment facility serving youth ages 12 through 18 with a wide variety of disorders, including: - Oppositional Defiant - Anxiety - Major Depression - Bipolar - Post-Traumatic Stress - Psychotic/Schizophrenia - ADHD - Reactive Attachment - Aspbergers - Substance Abuse... Heritage Schools Program Overview

Island View RTC - Residential Treatment Center

Island View provides an intensive, highly professional, therapeutic program utilizing an interdisciplinary approach. Our program includes private schooling, therapeutic recreational activities, and individual, family, and group psychotherapy. Understandably, parents want the most for their children: the ability to achieve goals, good friends, positive self-esteem, a strong family relationship,... Island View RTC Program Overview

Logan River Academy - Residential Treatment Center

Logan River Academy is a premier adolescent residential treatment center providing services of the highest quality and ethical standards. We are dedicated to improving the lives of youths and families. LRA offers a safe, caring, structured, therapeutic environment, promoting positive change.

Logan River Academy serves 13 to 17 year old girls and boys experiencing behavioral, emotional, e... Logan River Academy Program Overview

New Haven - Residential Treatment Center

New Haven’s school and therapeutic haven facilitates positive change and healing in families struggling with troubled adolescent girls. New Haven offers girls with emotional or behavioral problems a feeling of retreat, a safe place where they can learn empowerment skills and discover their maximum social, emotional, and academic potential. We believe that long-lasting change occurs when si... New Haven Program Overview

Oakley School - Therapeutic Boarding School

For teens struggling in high school, The Oakley School is a therapeutic college-preparatory boarding school that has proven over the last decade that excellence in education can be combined with effective therapy and life experiences.  The four cornerstones of the Oakley School program set the national standard, with rigorous academic curriculum, sophisticated clinical support through individual,... Oakley School Program Overview

Passages To Recovery - Wilderness Program

Passages To Recovery offers an innovative dual-diagnostic approach to the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse and dependency.  We are a primary care recovery program set in the Utah wilderness, specializing in helping young adults.  Our program has a flexible length of stay and is designed to be completed in 49 days.

/> who we are Passages To Recovery is a recognized leader in the eff... Passages To Recovery Program Overview

Provo Canyon School - Residential Treatment Center

For over 38 years, Provo Canyon School has been dedicated to providing an environment for positive change in the lives of young people who experience difficulty in their lives. We believe in the basic worth of each individual, treat our students and their families with integrity and high ethical standards, and remain committed to making our specialty of care the best in the profession. The Som... Provo Canyon School Program Overview

Red Rock Canyon School - Residential Treatment Center

Red Rock Canyon School is a state-licensed residential treatment center serving boys and girls ages 12 to 17. Our spacious and attractive facility is located in St. George, Utah. We have a full residential facility, hosting comfortable living units, an accredited academic school with state-certified teachers, professional clinicians, and a beautiful campus. Our students are involved with many a... Red Rock Canyon School Program Overview

RedCliff Ascent - Wilderness Program

RedCliff Ascent is a high impact, therapeutic wilderness treatment program. After a decade and the treatment of thousands of at-risk youth, RedCliff remains committed to providing a life changing, therapeutic experience for troubled teenagers and their families. Our focus has been on the continued development of innovative programming in a safe, secure, and nurturing therapeutic environment. Re... RedCliff Ascent Program Overview

Second Nature - Wilderness Program

Second Nature is a licensed treatment program that uses the wilderness setting in a clinically focused intervention to teach students accountability, communication skills, and healthy emotional and behavioral habits. Treatment plans are individualized for each student and include flexible lengths of stay, single gender treatment groups, daily group therapy, and individualized therapy sessions wit... Second Nature Program Overview

SunHawk Academy - Residential Treatment Center

SunHawk Academy’s comprehensive treatment program specializes in helping adolescents who are struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, impulse control, family conflict, grief, and stress. SunHawk is an adolescent substance abuse treatment program, with expertise in these frequently co-occurring problems that interact with and perpetuate the cycl... SunHawk Academy Program Overview

Turn-About Ranch - Residential Treatment Center

Turn-About Ranch - Residential Treatment for Teens on a Working Ranch Real Ranch. Real Values. Real Change. Few images capture the imagination more strongly than that of the American Cowboy - this powerful icon of the American West captivates and inspires teens who have become jaded and hostile toward authority. The Ranch setting takes defiant teens out of their comfort zone and reminds them t... Turn-About Ranch Program Overview

Vista, RTC - Residential Treatment Center

Vista Adolescent Treatment Center is a residential treatment center committed to providing adolescents and their families with experiences that will enable them to realize the choices that have limited their growth and personal development. The program is specifically designed to help adolescents and their families go beyond their boundaries and overcome the limiting beliefs that have kept them f... Vista, RTC Program Overview

Wilderness Quest - Wilderness Program & Residential Treatment and Young Adult

Wilderness Quest uses a modified 12-step program, self-discovery process in an experiential wilderness setting. Students \"work\" the first five steps in a Personal Success Workbook on the trail. This wilderness \"doing\" is enhanced by a unique family involvement; while students labor in the field, families are required to work in the Bringing Love Home Workbook to prepare for being reunited with... Wilderness Quest Program Overview

Youth Care - Residential Treatment Center

For over 19 years Youth Care has provided clinically intensive and individualized interventions for the complex student. We specialize in working with teenagers experiencing emotional or behavioral problems such as: Pregnant teens, thought disorder, self injurious behaviors, physical and sexual abuse, reactive attachment disorder, aspergers syndrome, substance abuse, anxiety, bipolar disorder, op... Youth Care Program Overview

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions - Wilderness Program

Outback is a licensed treatment program that uses the wilderness as an alternative to traditional treatment settings, while employing conventional therapeutic methods. Treatment, not wilderness or survival skills, is the primary focus at Outback. Are you experiencing family conflict in the home? Has your troubled teen recently changed to a negative peer group? Is he isolating himself or focusi... Outback Therapeutic Expeditions Program Overview

Turnabout/Stillwater Academy - Small Residential Program

Through compassion, self-discovery, structure and guidance Turnabout/Stillwater Academy helps families learn to help themselves. The program’s mission is to guide students and their families to the true principles of happiness. Turnabout/Stillwater Academy provides the support and structure needed for students and families to turn from a destructive path to a path of healing and life-long health... Turnabout/Stillwater Academy Program Overview

Gateway Academy - Residential Treatment Center

Gateway Academy is a residential program designed to give young men every advantage in their transition back to family, relationships and life. Gateway Academy is resolute that each young man receives an individualized balance of intense therapy, accredited schooling and recreational ventures. Parents can rest assured that their son is learning to create a life where he feels worthwhile, connect... Gateway Academy Program Overview

West Ridge Academy - Residential Treatment Center

West Ridge Academy works with mild to moderately troubled youth in a professional, but caring therapeutic environment. Our program includes individual, family and group therapy. West Ridge services include a private, fully accredited school with over 70 courses offered, athletic programs, recreational therapy, and a very creative music program option. We also offer specialty groups for chemical... West Ridge Academy Program Overview

Uinta Academy - Residential Treatment Center

Uinta Academy is a small, very therapeutically intensive residential treatment / academic program licensed by the State of Utah Department of Human Services. Uinta Academy has three campuses, two-16 bed Residential Treatment Centers and one-12 bed Transitional/Independent Living Program. The girls receive psychiatric services, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, recreational thera... Uinta Academy Program Overview

Telos Residential Treatment, LLC - Residential Treatment Center

The mission of Telos is to create inspiring interpersonal relationships that invite and assist all people to move toward their ultimate potential. We believe the five cornerstones of genuine change are love, family, spiritually, principled-living and insightful choices.

Telos cares for 24 boys in a charming, historic mansion built in 1926. The facility size, décor and archi... Telos Residential Treatment, LLC Program Overview

Life-Line, Inc. - Small Residential Program

Life-Line is a family focused, long-term residential treatment program that creates positive change using an evidenced based, therapeutic community model that is strongly supported by empirical research. A multi-disciplinary team approach integrates education, individualized treatment planning, individual, group and family therapy, health and nutrition, recreational activities, and a structured a... Life-Line, Inc. Program Overview

Copper Hills Youth Center - Residential Treatment Center

Copper Hills Youth Center meets the specific needs of residents with Aspergers Syndrome including providing the residents with the life skills, relationship skills, and communication skills necessary to become productive members of their community. COPPER HILLS YOUTH CENTER is a 126-bed private adolescent residential treatment center for teenagers 12-17 years of age. The youth placed in our ... Copper Hills Youth Center Program Overview

Second Nature Entrada - Outdoor Therapeutic Program & Young Adult Program

Second Nature Entrada is a licensed treatment program that uses the wilderness setting in a clinically focused intervention to teach students accountability, communication skills, and healthy emotional and behavioral habits. Welcome to Second Nature - the industry\'s most sophisticated wilderness therapy treatment program. At Second Nature we provide insight, direction and hope to troubled te... Second Nature Entrada Program Overview

Mountain Homes Youth Ranch - Outdoor Therapeutic Program & Wilderness Program

Mountain Homes Youth Ranch is a licensed therapeutic wilderness program in the state of Colorado. The program uses an outdoor setting to bring out behavioral issues in youth ages 12 – 18. Youth learn to make positive choices throughout their stay in the program as a means to experience natural positive consequences for themselves during their time at Mountain Homes as well as upon returning ho... Mountain Homes Youth Ranch Program Overview

Top Flight Academy - Residential Treatment Center

Top Flight Academy is committed to assist our students and their families in finding greater happiness and success in all aspects of their lives. We treat each student with respect and dignity – in such a way that he is mindful of his individuality. Our goal is to help young men and their families learn how to communicate, trust, and show love in an appropriate manner.

Top Flight Aca... Top Flight Academy Program Overview

La Europa Academy - Residential Treatment Center

La Europa Academy is designed to serve female adolescents from 14-17 years of age. We work with issues and disorders such as depression, bi-polar, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol, personality features and other relational and emotional problems.

Students who would not be appropriate for La Europa Academy are those with active psychosis, conduct disorder, are aggress... La Europa Academy Program Overview

Discovery Ranch - Residential Treatment Center

Discovery Ranch is a 20 acre equine center nestled along the Wasatch Mountains with 2 homes that create the perfect environment for learning, personal growth, responsibility, and accountability by giving students “experiences” that truly build positive character traits and self confidence. Discovery Ranch is a high-end troubled teen treatment center nestled at the foot of the Wasatch M... Discovery Ranch Program Overview

Academy at Canyon Creek - Residential Treatment Center

Academy at Canyon Creek represents a proven leadership and an innovative approach to learning and treatment for youth and families dealing with emotional and behavioral problems. Through a wide array of academic and therapeutic offerings the academy provides a comprehensive approach to helping youth get on the right path to success. The Sommerset program is a residential treatment center f... Academy at Canyon Creek Program Overview

Kolob Canyon - Residential Treatment Center

The Kolob student: Treatment is designed exclusively for girls suffering from depression, low self-esteem, trauma, and difficulties in her relationships with herself and others. Kolob Canyon’s census is intentionally limited to 12 girls in order to maximize one-to-one interaction with peers, staff, teachers, and therapists. Student-to-staff ratios are low and therapists with small case... Kolob Canyon Program Overview

Moonridge Academy - Residential Treatment Center

Moonridge Academy, a CERTS facility, serves the emotional, educational, spiritual, physical and relationship needs of young adolescent girls ages 11-16 in a holistic way. Moonridge specializes in the treatment of pre-teen and teenage depression, anger, behavior problems, adoption issues, self-harm and other relationship issues in a small “family-like” environment.

Moo... Moonridge Academy Program Overview

Sunrise RTC - Residential Treatment Center

Sunrise is a place to reclaim the daughter you had before her problems started. At Sunrise we work with you and your daughter to make the changes needed to have an enhanced, meaningful relationship. Through the use of therapy, education, daily living coaching, health and fitness, we mentor your daughter along the path of balanced living and healthy choices. Residential Treatment Program and ... Sunrise RTC Program Overview

Maple Lake Academy - Residential Treatment Center

Maple Lake Academy’s mission is to offer the highest quality clinical and academic programs for girls, ages 13-17, who are struggling with the challenges of learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral problems. For students struggling with verbal and non-verbal learning differences, everyday experiences can be very frustrating. Many times these struggles lead to additional emotional and ... Maple Lake Academy Program Overview

Catalyst Residential Treatment, LLC - Residential Treatment Center

Welcome to Catalyst. Our philosophy is that the right environment can create the right kind of change. Our program has been designed to create a home-like setting that puts boys at ease as they work through the issues that have often created emotional distress for them and their families. Returning balance to your family and son through our Core Elements is our goal and forms the bedrock of our pr... Catalyst Residential Treatment, LLC Program Overview

Aspiro - Wilderness Program

Aspiro\'s solution-oriented, outdoor adventure therapy program works. We blend the best of adventure with effective and proven therapeutic processes. Your troubled teen experiences the highest standards of safety and therapy in one of the most beautiful and powerful settings for real change. Aspiro engages students in character development as well as working to resolve family and personal is... Aspiro Program Overview

Oxbow Academy - Residential Treatment Center

Oxbow Academy is not a troubled teen boot camp. We are the premier provider of residential treatment for teenage boys struggling with a variety of behavioral problems that also include sexual concerns. Unlike other struggling teen programs, Oxbow Academy bases the student’s length of stay on therapeutic need and progress. Progress will be measured not just in therapy sessions but also in prac... Oxbow Academy Program Overview

Diamond Ranch Academy - Crystal Springs/Whisper Creek - Residential Treatment Center

Diamond Ranch Academy (DRA) is a premier licensed Youth Residential Treatment Center, located on 200 acres in Utah’s beautiful color country. Our mantra is “Healing Families One Youth at a Time” and we are dedicated to creating life-long positive change in the lives of our students and their families. Typical diagnoses that are appropriate at Diamond Ranch Academy include, but ar... Diamond Ranch Academy - Crystal Springs/Whisper Creek Program Overview

Diamond Ranch Academy - Stone Ridge/Lava Falls - Residential Treatment Center

Diamond Ranch Academy (DRA) is a premier licensed Youth Residential Treatment Center, located on 200 acres in Utah’s beautiful color country. Our mantra is “Healing Families One Youth at a Time” and we are dedicated to creating life-long positive change in the lives of our students and their families. Typical diagnoses that are appropriate at Diamond Ranch Academy include, but ar... Diamond Ranch Academy - Stone Ridge/Lava Falls Program Overview

Sommerset - Residential Treatment Center

The Sommerset program is a residential treatment center for boys and girls ages 10 – 14 located in Springville, Utah. Sommerset has been in existence as a distinct program successfully treating students since 1993 and is owned an operated by Provo Canyon School. The program is designed to meet the needs of boys and girls who have unique behavioral, emotional and social delays. The structured liv... Sommerset Program Overview

Falcon Ridge Ranch Academy - Residential Treatment Center

Flacon ridge is a fully-licensed residential treatment center for girls 13-17 years of age. Located on the outskirts of Zion\'s National Park, our ranch resides in the small idealistic community of Virgin, Utah. Our 12 acres are not just a home to those who stay with us, but home to a variety of animals including over thirty horses. At the heart of Falcon Ridge is our premier Equine Therapy Pro... Falcon Ridge Ranch Academy Program Overview

Waterfall Canyon Academy - Small Residential Program

Waterfall Canyon Academy\'s Residential Treatment Centers are licensed private homes for adolescent males, ages 12 to 17, with cognitive disabilities. Students with average intellectual functioning, but whose \"social IQ\", such as those with Asperger\'s Disorder, are also eligible. The homes offer a nurturing environment with an emphasis on social skill development, individualized therapeutic tre... Waterfall Canyon Academy Program Overview

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