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New Dominion School of Virginia - Outdoor Therapeutic Program

New Dominion School of Virginia is devoted to the healing and restoration of children and their families. Our efforts are governed by the principles of honor, respect, teamwork, responsibility, and honesty. We help students learn to set goals and maintain commitment to them, for without goals, lives are undisciplined and non-directed. Individuals learn to become part of a cooperative team. Lit... New Dominion School of Virginia Program Overview

New Lifestyles - Young Adult Program

New Lifestyles is an intensive, therapeutic program for emerging adults located at the northern tip of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, Virginia.

Committed to the unique needs of individuals ages 18 to 26, New Lifestyles provides a clinically intensive transition experience for students with average to above average intellect who present with Axis I and/or Axis II diagnoses to include: <... New Lifestyles Program Overview

The Discovery School of Virgnia, Inc. - Emotional Growth Boarding School

The Discovery School of Virginia and the Discovery School of Virginia for Girls serve young people who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, and learning problems. The 318 acre boys program and 150 acre girls program are located on separate campuses in central Virginia. The Discovery Schools use a group problem solving process and the natural environment to promote a student\'s overall positive... The Discovery School of Virgnia, Inc. Program Overview

Little Keswick School - Therapeutic Boarding School

Little Keswick School is a Therapeutic Boarding School, which provides a structured environment to give children with emotional and self-regulation issues, language-based and non-verbal learning disabilities, ADHD or Asperger\'s and similar developmental disorders, opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. Quality academic and residential programs, behavioral management, and individual, group, and... Little Keswick School Program Overview

Graydon Manor - Residential Treatment Center

Graydon Manor is dedicated to treating children and adolescents with serious emotional problems, while at the same time helping their families. INPATIENT SERVICES: Children and adolescents with severe emotional and psychological difficulties are treated within the residential, psychiatric program. Sometimes these difficulties are coupled with learning disorders or chemical dependency issues... Graydon Manor Program Overview

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