Boot Camps

Teen boot camps can be helpful for youth who have extreme discipline, anger management, or other temperament issues. Teen boot camps do not usually however focus on therapy, so teens with psychological diagnoses would not be a good fit.

Teen boot camps can help with the following problems:

Most parents are interested in teen boot camps because they are known for their rigid structure and are associated with military style camps. Teen boot camps claim they are effective in turning around youth that are disobedient to authority figures and have broke the law. When teens are at the point that it seems like they can’t be controlled any longer, teen boot camps can help. They are an effective way to teach discipline, boundaries, and send the message to the troubled teen that their bad behaviors will no longer we accepted. Teens need to deal with the underlining emotional problems that cause their behavior and realize that the behavior is not accepted.

Parents should be careful about the type of program they place their child in and make sure that the style of program is appropriate for the teen. Some teen boot camps can be extreme and teens may feel overwhelmed and highly uncomfortable. Other teens adapt well to the strict environment and learn to excel with encouragement on their positive behaviors.

Teen boot camps are short term in length and do not focus on treatment. These camps are mainly for short-term behavior modification and discipline. They also help those teens needing to get away from drug and alcohol influences. A major complaint about boot camps is they do not have long-term follow-up or support for parents and troubled teens.

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