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Public schools these days cannot handle every type of teen and their various problems. Often teens need more structure or assistance than public schools can provide. Often, military school is a good option for troubled teens that are failing in other environments. Military schools have gained in popularity over recent years. Many schools are full to capacity and have waiting lists.

While military schools have gained popularity over recent years, they have always been an important part of our history. Many generals, presidents, and other government leaders have attended military schools to receive formal military training. Typically seen as a place for troubled teens, military schools are also for people interested in joining the military and having careers in government office. Military schools are not just training for war; however, they are training for life.

Many military schools have a big emphasis on academics as well. Many schools are college preparatory and help individuals get into Ivy League Universities. Of all the teens that go to Military school, only about seven percent actually continue on and enlist in the military. About 90 percent go on to college and 3 percent do other things. So, parents shouldn’t think that just because they send their teen to military school, they won’t go to college. Military schools might just give their troubled teen the strict academic environment they need to succeed.

How do parents decide?

The following are some indications or signs that your troubled teen is in need of help and may benefit from attending a military school or other type of residential treatment center:

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