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Troubled Teen Consultants is a website by and for parents with troubled teens. Our aim is to provide valuable information to parents with struggling teens in order for them to make the best possible decision about teen programs and treatment options for their youth. We list programs, as well as educational consultants from around the country that work directly with teenagers. If you provide teenage therapeutic services, and you program is not listed on our website, please contact us with your information, and we will list your service.

We live in a difficult and challenging society. Teens have to make important decisions related to drugs, alcohol, sex, gang involvement, and other important decisions on a daily basis. As society becomes faster paced, it is easy for us to lose sight of the problems our sons and daughters may be struggling with. Movies, television, and other forms of media bombard our youth with threatening challenges. Depression, drugs, defiant behavior, and failing grades are a few examples of how the cycle begins.

There is help our there, and as a parent your not alone. Troubled Teen Programs and other forms of therapy are being used by thousands of parents each day. The key to success is early detection and early intervention. Don't wait until your teen is 17 or 18 before you get help. If you or a friend may be struggling with a defiant teenager please fill our our form and we will assist you with further information.

Learn about the four main types of treatment programs for troubled youth

See our parent discussion forum for information and discussion on specific programs and various forms of help for teens.

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